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German Course Names, German Course Names

Hello, we will learn German lesson names in this lesson. We will give German course names and a German course schedule as an example. By learning the names of the German lessons we will give below, you can make your own course schedule yourself.

German Course Names

  • Maths : Mathematic (Mathe)
  • Science : Naturwissenschaft
  • Physics : Physics
  • Chemistry: Chemistry
  • Biology: Biology
  • History : History
  • Geography: Geography
  • German: German
  • English : English
  • French: French
  • Italian: Italienisch
  • Music: Music
  • Picture : Art
  • Physical education : Sport
  • Religion culture : Religion
  • Computer: computer science

German Course Schedule

Below is a sample German course schedule. You can learn the German course names above and make a course schedule like the one below.

German course names, German course schedule

German course names and syllabus


Dear friends, we have come to the end of our topic called German lesson names. We hope it will be useful. Thanks for your attention.



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