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German Clothes, Clothing, German Clothing

German clothes, German clothes, German clothes, German clothes, German clothes, German clothes names, German clothes names, German clothes names, German clothes names.

Our precious trip was compiled from the shares of our members who are enrolled in the German forums below, as well as some small letter mistakes etc. as they are collected from the members' share. , the following lesson was not prepared by the AlMancax instructors, so it may contain some mistakes, you can visit the AlMancax forum to reach the lessons prepared by AlMancax instructors.

der Anzug: team suit

die Jacke: jacket

die Winterjacke: winter coat

die Sommerjacke: summer jacket

die Sportjacke: sipor jacket

der Smoking: smokin

das Hemd: shirt

kurzarmiges Hemd: kisakol shirt

Langarmiges Hemd: long sleeve shirt

kariertes Hemd: square shirt

die Hose: pants

die Shorts: sort

der Mantel: coat

kurzer Mantel: kaban

der Regenmantel: raincoat

das Wams: hirka

die Mütze: cap

der Pullover: sweater

die Weste: waistcoat

T-Shirt: tisort

der Sweater: sweater

die Krawatte: tie

der Taschentuch: handkerchief

der Foulard: foulard

der Strumpf: corap

der Badeanzug: swimsuit

der Trainingsanzug: esofman

der Schlafanzug: pajama

die Unterwäsche: ic camasiri

die Unterhose: panties

das Unterhemd: athlete

der Bademantel: bathrobe


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