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The articles in the German Words category have been prepared by categorizing the most commonly used words in German in daily life. Articles in this category are suitable for German learners of almost all levels. In this category titled German words, there are many things such as German months, German fruits, German hobby words, the most used words in German daily life, German school items, German food names, drink names, German numbers, greeting words, farewell words, family members, time phrases. There are thousands of words from many different categories. Many of our lessons are supported by colorful and entertaining visuals. The content of the topics in the German words category is not created by writing only the German and Turkish words. Our courses here are lecture courses. Both German-Turkish words are given, a detailed explanation of the subject is given, and examples of how to use the written words in German sentences are also given. Our lessons in the German words category are not just lessons based on memorizing words. Contains detailed subject explanation. The courses in this category are very useful, especially for secondary school students, students taking German courses in the 9th grade, and students taking German courses in the 10th grade. It would be logical to examine the German lessons here and start with the basic level subjects that are suitable for you and move towards advanced subjects. While preparing the lessons in this category, we based on the most commonly used word groups in daily life, especially in German, and tried to choose currently used words. If you are just starting to learn German, it would be appropriate to start with the words and topics that are most used in daily life.