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German Continents, Names of German Continents

Dear friends, this is the subject we will teach. German Continents it will be. With this course, which is among the first topics for beginners to learn German, you will learn the German equivalents you need to know when you visit different countries or chat with foreign people you meet in an environment about their country and the languages ​​spoken by them.

German Countries and Languages We will teach the lessons we will teach under the heading as separate lessons according to the continents of the countries. We want to reinforce this course by showing the questions that can be asked about this topic before giving the list of country names, nationalities and languages.

Where do you live?  / Wo wohnst du?

I live in / Ich wohne in…

Where are you coming from? / Woher kommst du?

I come from /  Ich komme aus ...

We will list the important words that need to be known about the subject we will cover in this lesson and their meanings below. For your convenience, we give you sample sentences about newly learned words that you will memorize. You can reproduce the examples yourself.

German Vocabulary   Mean in Turkish
die Welt World
der Continent Continent
das Land Country
die sprache Language
die Nationalität Milliyet


Sample Sentences

Der Name unseres Planeten ist World. / Our planet is called earth.

Es gibt 7 Continent auf der Welt. / There are 7 continents in the world.

Countries sprechen verschiedene Languages. / Countries speak different languages.

Jedes Land hat seine eigene Nationalität. / Each country has its own nationality.


German Countries and Languages Below you can find the names of the continents and their German-Turkish equivalents, which we will list separately in our ongoing courses.

German Continents
German Türkçe
das asien Asia
das africa Africa
das Nordamerika North America
das Sudamerica South America
das Antarctica Antarktika
das europa Europe
das Australien Avustralya

Dear friends, we would like to inform you about some of the contents on our site, apart from the topic of German countries and languages, there are also topics such as the following on our site, and these are topics that German learners should know.

Do not forget to check out our other lessons.


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