German Tests

The questions in the Almancax German Education Center - German Subject Tests section were prepared in parallel with the topics explained in the almancax classroom. At the same time, these tests form the basis for the A1 and A2 exams.

German tests and related topics are listed below. Each German test opens in a new window so you can open as many tests as you like. After completing the test, you can immediately see how many correct and how many mistakes you have, the correct answers to the questions and the answers you have given comparatively. Support is provided in our forums for your questions or problems regarding German tests. Tests are updated over time and new ones will be added.

We wish you luck…

German Subject Tests

German General Concept Test

German Numbers Test

German Numbers Test - 2

Test of German Status of Assistance

German Sentence Test (Subject Predominance)

German Sentence Building Test - 2 (Sort Items)

German Cümeler Test (Simple Patterns)

German Cümeler Test - 2

German Present Time Test (Verb conjugations)

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  1. absinthe water ozbir diyor

    I don't understand how you put such easy tests online it was a piece of cake

    1. . diyor

      noyaaaa 🙂

    2. . diyor

      I understand teacher

      1. esma diyor

        I can solve the German subject tests very well, I see the answers immediately, I know all the questions 🙂
        anyway, in high school, there is no one better than me in the class, I am number one in German.

        1. CommanderLogar diyor


  2. İleyda Çağlak diyor

    It was very easy, isn't there a mixed test or something?

    1. . diyor

      German tests are great

      1. . diyor

        9th grade german tests are great

  3. home river diyor

    Ban is my 5th grade and it's so beautiful

  4. mother diyor

    german tests are awesome really awesome

  5. Batuhan diyor

    Isn't there a 6th grade in German?

  6. sanane diyor

    Aren't there special tests for the 9th grade, for example, part 1 tests, part 2 tests or something...

    1. . diyor

      no i think

  7. utkan diyor

    German is hard

    1. siii diyor


  8. your father diyor

    German tests and German lectures are great

  9. What's it to you diyor

    German tests are very good

  10. . diyor

    excellent german subject tests

  11. halo diyor

    It's really beautiful
    i loved it so much
    But it seems a little easy

  12. Huseyin diyor

    Your German subject tests are very good, I liked it very much, but we would like more

  13. sd diyor

    where do we do it iq
    my roblox account iimynamesteoii

  14. Dmitriy diyor

    By phone

  15. zehra diyor

    Greetings to everyone from izmir nine september science high school, we are here too, let's meet in german, friends, whoever sees me, leave a comment heyooo 🙂

  16. hicran diyor

    We also like the almanax site very much, our German teacher helped us solve the tests here last week.
    We solved these questions on the smart board at school.
    We are slowly starting to learn, but German is not very difficult, let me tell you.

  17. ali diyor

    German subject tests are good but the number should be increased

  18. righteous diyor

    yes, the German tests were nice, but it was easy for me.

  19. Esra diyor

    German tests are very well prepared, wisely asked questions, I congratulate you as a German teacher.

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