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German Speech Patterns

The articles in the category called German Speech Phrases have been prepared by compiling the most used and needed German phrases in daily life. If we briefly talk about the content in this category, German introduction sentences, greeting phrases, farewell phrases, German self-introduction sentences, shopping dialogues, phrases that can be used in travels, phrases that can be used in German banks, examples of mutual dialogue in German, ready-made phrases that can be used in various places, All kinds of German speeches that can be used in many different places and times, such as German poems, stories, beautiful words, German proverbs and idioms, sentences that can be used during phone calls, sentences that can be used in official offices, ready-made sentences that can be used at the doctor, health-related sentences, German congratulatory messages and words of love. pattern is in this category. The topics covered here are generally based on memorization, and after you learn the logic of sentence construction, you can put the pattern you want into the form you want. You can change the sentences as you wish. The important thing is to know where and how to speak and to understand the logic of sentence construction. When you reach a certain level in learning German, you can adapt many of the patterns in this category called German speech patterns. In order to learn German speech patterns in a short time, you should repeat them a lot. Learning these phrases will provide you with great ease and comfort while speaking German. You can choose any of the subjects in this category or any subject that interests you and start learning immediately. If you are just starting to learn German, we recommend that you start with greetings, introductions, self-introductions, farewells and mutual dialogues in German.