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German Office Furniture

In this course titled German office furniture, in which we will examine German office furniture, we will teach you the most used German office furniture and furniture. This subject is based on memorization and it is sufficient to learn the most frequently used words first.

German Office Furniture

German Office Furniture Although it seems more like business German, it is a very important issue as there are equipment and materials we use in many areas of our lives outside the workplace. While teaching our lesson, we will give the list of the equipment used in the office, the list of the items used in the office and the list of office furniture in separate tables.

Try to memorize each of the words in the given table together with their articles and with their mutual meanings. Make sure to use newly learned words in sentences during your word memorization practice. In this way, you will make memorizations easier and more memorable.

Office Equipment German equivalent
Computer der Computer
Ekran der Bildschirm
Speaker der Lautsprecher
Disk der Datenträger
Phone das Phone
Copying machine the Photocopier
Fax machine das Faxgerät
Printer der Drucker
Cartridge die Patrone
Projector der Projector
Calculator der Taschenrechner

German Office Furniture Illustrated

Dear friends, let's explain the most used German office equipment with images.

Items Used in the German Office

Now let's see the German items used in the office as a table.

Items Used in the Office German equivalent
Eraser der Radiergummi
Scissors die schere
Sharpener der Anspitzer
Attachments die Büroklammer
Stift Writing pad der Schreibblock
Ruler das Lineal
Envelope der Briefumschlag
Bowl die Briefmarke
Glue der Kleber
Pen der Kugelschreiber
Pen der Füllfederhalter
Pen der Stift
Marker der Fluoreszierender Stift
Pencil der Bleistift
Paper das blatt-papier
Block note der Block
Book das Buch
Notebooks das Notizheft
File die Mappe
Slides die Dias
Band das klebeband
Stapler die Hefter
Fastener die Heftzwecke
Takvim der Kalender

German Office Furniture

Below are the German and Turkish languages ​​of the most frequently used office equipment.

German Office Furniture German equivalent
Mass der Tisch
Wastepaper basket der Papierkorb
Chair der Stuhl
Flag die Flagge
Lamp die Lampe
Light das Licht

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