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Site for learning German

Are you looking for a site to learn German? Wait, you've come to the right place! This is Turkey's largest German education platform almancax.

On our website www.almancax.com, those who do not speak German at all, learn German by themselves, those who want to improve their German, partner school and high school students easily learn German and improve their German.

Our site has everything you need to learn German. Visual and written German lessons, video German lessons, German word games, German learning apps for android phones, German and Germany forums, free German translation service, German textbooks and thousands of lessons, documents and files that we cannot count, are available on our site.

Sample topics

Which courses are available on our site, we have briefly written some of them below. By browsing our site, you can access many more German lessons and enjoy learning German online from where you sit. Sample subject headings from some German lessons on our site are as follows.

Apart from the above lessons, our other topics that will be useful for friends learning German are as follows. You can find more by browsing our site.

German drinks
German Food German Drinks
German Hobbies
Vegetables in German Illustrated Lecture and Sample Sentences
German Lessons for Beginners
German Lessons for Grades 11 and 12
German Lessons for Grade 10
German Lessons for Grade 9
German Vegetables
German Lessons for Primary and Middle School Students
German Tests
German Numbers
German Personal Pronouns
German Kelimeler
German Colors
German Self-Introduction Codes
Das Deutsche Alphabet, German Letters
German Aylar and German Seasons
German Occupations
German School Supplies
German Hours (die uhrzeit), Do not Say German Clocks, Wie spät ist es?
German Days, Days of German Week (Wochentage)
The Plural State of German Nouns (Plural Topic Expression)
German possessive pronouns

German Sports and German Sports Branches
German ismin Halleri (Deklination Der Substantive)
German Numbers, German Numerals, German Numerical Examples
German name -in Hali (German Genitive) Subject Narration
German Weather Report
German Artikeller Lecture, German Texts
German case study (Akkusativ) Exercises
German Numbers and German Numbers
German Specific Artikeller (Bestimmte Artikel)
German ismin -E Hali (Dativ) Subject Description
German Artikeller Lecture Expression (Geschlechtswort)
Die interjection in German
Introduction to German - Basic German and German Grammar Lessons
Almancada Artikeller Where To Use, Where To Not Use, How To Use
German Personal Pronouns and Shots
German name -i Hali (German Akkusativ) Subject Narration
German Hours Picture Description
German Pronouns, German Pronouns

Substantiv in German - Genitiv
German Numbers Per Square
Numbers up to German 10a, Numbers in German for Children
German Vegetables (Illustrated)
German was ist das Kalıbı Thread Starter
German Counting Numbers, Ordinalzahlen
German Numbers (Illustrated)
German Attractiveness of adjectives according to their case (Deklination des Adjektivs)
German Names Subject Narrative (Substantive)
Adjectives in German (Adjektiv-Deklination)
German Adjectives and Adjective Completions
German Uncertain Artikeller (Unbestimmte Artikel)
German Singular Names Plural Rules of Making
German Trennbare Verben (Separable Verbs)

Apart from our German lessons above, you can find thousands of topics that you can learn German on our website and forums.

We wish you success in your German education life.


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