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German School Supplies

In this lesson, we will see items such as German school items, German classroom items, learn the German names of the items and educational tools used in school, classroom, lessons, dear friends.

Let's first learn the tools used in German school, that is, school equipment, with their articles one by one with pictures. These pictures have been carefully prepared for you. Then, again with visual accompaniment, we will learn both the monopolies and the plurals of German school items together with their articles. Then we will present you German school items in a list. In this way, you will have learned the German education and training tools well. Also at the bottom of the page are sample sentences about school items in German.

German School Items Illustrated Expression

German school items - die Schultashe - School bag

die Schultashe - School bag


German school items - der Bleistift - pencil

der Bleistift - Pencil

German school items - der Kuli - German ballpoint pen

der Kuli - Ballpoint pen


German school items - der Füller - German fountain pen

der Füller - Fountain pen


German school items - der Farbstift - German crayons

der Farbstift -B paint marker


German school supplies - der Spitzer - German sharpener

der Spitzer - Sharpener

German school items - der Radiergummi - German eraser

der Radiergummi - Eraser


German school items - der Marker - German Highlighter

der Marker - Highlighter


German school items - der Mappchen - German pencil case

der Mappchen - Pencil case


German school items - das Buch - German Book

das Buch - Book


German school items - das Heft - German Notebook

das Heft - Notebook

German school items - der Malkasten - German Watercolor

der Malkasten - Watercolor


German school items - der Pinsel - German brush

der Pinsel - Brush

German school items - das Worterbuch - German Dictionary

das Wörterbuch - Dictionary


German school items - das Lineal - German Ruler

das Lineal - Ruler


German school supplies - der Winkelmesser - German Protractor

der Winkelmesser - Protractor

German school items - der Zirkel - German Compass

der Zirkel - Compass


German school items - die Tafel - German Blackboard

die Tafel - Blackboard


German school items - die Kreide - German chalk

die Kreide - Chalk


German school items - die Schere - German Scissors

die Schere - Scissors


German school items - die Land Rahmat - German Map

die Land Rahmat - Map


German school items - der Tisch - German Desk

der Tisch - Table

German school items - der Stuhl - German Row

der Stuhl - Rank


German school items - das Klebeband - German Band

das Klebeband - Tape

Dear students, we have seen the most used and frequently encountered school items in German together with their articles. These are the most common German school items that come to mind in the classroom and in lessons. Now, let's see the German school items in a few images. Below you will see German school items, both with their articles and their plurals. As you know, the articles of all plural nouns in German are die. Articles of singular names need to be memorized.

Plural of German School Items

Below are the German for some of the most used school items and some school-related words. Pictures have been prepared by us. In the pictures below, German school items and classroom items are given with both their articles and their plurals. Please examine carefully. Below the images below, there is a list of German school items in written form, do not forget to take a look at our list.

German school supplies, German names of the goods in the class

Plurals and articles of German school items

German School Supplies

German School Supplies With Artifacts And Pluralities
Plurals and articles of school articles in German

German School Supplies

In the above picture, there are German School and Classroom Equipment with Articles and Plurals.

German School Items List

Dear visitor, the list of German school items below has been prepared by a valuable member. If you encounter any errors, please let us know. We wish you success in your German education.

Teile der Schule:

die Class: class
das Klassenzimmer: class
das Lehrerzimmer: teachers' room
die Bibliothek: library
die Bücherei: library
das Labor: Laboratory
der Gang: corridor
der Schulhof: school garden
der Schulgarten: school garden
die Turnhalle: gym

Die Schulsachen: (School Items)

der Lehrertisch: teacher's desk
das Klassenbuch: class book
die Tafel: board
der Schwamm: eraser
das Pult: rostrum / row
die Kreide: chalk
der Kugelschreiber (Kuli): ballpoint pen
das Heft: notebook
die Schultasche: school bag
der Füller: fountain pen
das Wörterbuch: dictionary
die Mappe: file
der Bleistift: pencil
das Mäppchen: pencil box
die Schere: scissors
der Spitzer: pencil sharpener
das Buch: book
die Brille: glasses
der Buntstift / Farbstift: felt pen
das Lineal: ruler
die Brotdose: dietary bag
der Radiergummi: eraser
das Blatt-Papier: paper
die Patrone: cartridge
der Block: block not
das Klebebant: adhesive tape
die Landkarte: map
der Pinsel: paint brush
der Malkasten: paint box
das Turnzeug: tracksuit
die Turnhose: bottom track

German School Equipment Sample Sentences

Now let's make example sentences about school items in German.

Was ist das? (What is this?)

Das ist ein Radiergummi. (This is an eraser)

Was sind das? (What are these?)

Das sind Bleistifte. (These are pens.)

Hast du eine Schere? (Do you have scissors?)

Ja, ich habe eine Schere. (Yes, I have scissors.)

Nein, ich habe keine Schere. (No, I don't have scissors.)

In this lesson, we have given a short list of the tools and equipment used in the school, used in the classroom, of course, the list of the tools used in the school is not limited to this, but we have given the German list of the most used tools, you can find the names of the tools that are not included here by searching the dictionary.

We wish you all success in your German lessons.


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