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German units of measure and German weight units

We need measurement and weight units at every moment of our lives. Knowing what these units are in our own language and what they do will help us learn the German equivalent. This lesson is with the subject we will cover German Measurement and Weight Units and at the end of the lesson you will learn how to use these units while speaking or writing in German.

German Units of Measure and Weight

German Measurement and Weight Units As we think it will attract your attention while examining the table, we would like to point out that most units' German and Turkish are similar to each other in terms of both spelling and pronunciation. This detail is generally valid for weight measurement units, but it should be remembered that there are exceptions. Since our language and many other languages ​​can take words from each other, these similarities are natural to have. We think it will be much easier to keep in mind because they are similar to each other.

German Measurement and Weight Units We will make a table by considering the units of measure and weight as separate headings so that you can remember the expressions more easily while processing the subject.

German Units of Measure Indicating Length and Distance

1 Meter 1 Meter (m)
1 Centimeter 1 Zentimeter (cm)
1 Millimeter 1 Millimeter (mm)
1 Decimeter 1 Dezimeter (dm)
1 Mileage 1 Kilometer (km)
1 square meter 1 Quadratmeter
1 Square kilometer 1 square kilometer
1 decare / acre 1 hectares
1 Foot 1 Fuß
1 Mil 1 Meile
1 Inch 1 Zool

German Units of Measurement Indicating Weight and Portion

1 Kilo 1 Kilogramm (kg)
1/2 Kilo / Half Kilo 1 Pfund (Ib)
1 Gram 1 grams
1 milligram 1 Milligram (mg)
50 Kilo 1 Zentner (ztr.)
1 Ton 1 Tonne (t)
1 Liter 1 Liter (L)
1 Centiliter 1 Zentiliter (cl)
1 Milliliter 1 Milliliter (ml)
1 Gallon (4,5 Liter) 1 Gallone (gal)
1 Cubic meter 1 Kubikmeter (m3)
1 Piece 1
1 Piece / Piece 1
1 package 1 pack
1 box 1 can
1 Sack 1 Sack
1 portion 1 serving
1 Cup 1 cup
1 Glass cup 1 Glass
1 Double 1 couple
1 Dozen 1 Dutzen

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