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German negative cümleler

Dear friends, in this lesson we will cover one of the subject sentence types. German Negative Sentences. Our lecture course on negative sentences in German has been prepared by our forum members and is a lecture grade. It was written for information purposes.

In German, negative sentences change according to the verb and subject. The meaning that gives negativity to the sentence is about whether the work mentioned in the verb sentences is done or not, and whatever is mentioned in the noun sentences is about whether it exists. Negative expression in German sentence no ve can not be Provided with words.

German Negative Conjectures

German Negative Conjectures We will cover the use of kein, the use of nicht, the use of kein and nicht together, and other words expressing negativity in separate titles.

The use of kein in German

The use of kein in German indefinite nouns with articles ve non-article Used in conjunction with names. In addition, when using kein, it can take the appropriate jewelry according to the state of the name, such as the ein suffix that the indefinite article gets.

Names with Indefinite Articles

Das ist ein Buch. / Das ist no Notizbuch.

This is a book. / This is not a notebook.

Ich habe meine Katze. / Ich habe no Hund.

I have cat. / I don't have a dog.

Non-Article Names

Ich mache Sport. / Ich spiele no Sport.

I am doing sports. / I do not do sports.

Der Hund liebt Fleisch. / Kühe mögen no Meat.

The dog loves meat. / Cow doesn't like meat.

Use of nicht in German

 Negative nicht has many different uses. We will try to express these differences with sample sentences below.

With verbs:

I like it can not be zu lesen / I do not like to read.

With the names with articles:

These are can not be meine Feder is es gehört. / These are not my pens, but yours.

By proper names:

This is can not be Paris, Budapest. / This is not Paris, it's Budapest.

With adjectives:

You are an can not be crank. / You are not sick.

With pronouns:

Er cam can not be zu mir, er kam zu dir. / He didn't come to me, he came to you.

 With envelopes:

I go can not be oft ins Kino. / I don't go to the movies often.

Using kein and nicht together

In some cases, these two words that are negative in German can be used at the same time. This special case occurs when the is and verb combine to form a verb.

My brother kann nicht Geige spielen / My brother cannot play the violin.

 Other words that express negativity in German.

 Which means no in German no The word indicates negativity and is used in response to question sentences.

Kommst du zu uns? / Nein

Will you come to us? / No

It is seen that some antonyms in German express negativity when used in a sentence. You can see these words in the table given below.

German Vocabulary Antonyms in German Mean in Turkish
always nie / niemals Always - never
irgendwo nirgendwo Somewhere - nowhere
the irgendwoh the nirgendwoh Somewhere - nowhere
some nothing Anything - nothing
someone niemand Someone - nobody

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