German Adverbs of Reason (Kausaladverbien)

Dear friends, the subject we will teach in this lesson is the continuation of the topic of envelopes. German Adverbs of Reason (Kausaladverbien) it will be.

Adverbs are words that affect adjectives, verbs and verbs, or another word of its kind, in various ways. When adverbs are used on their own, they don't make much sense. If you use it in a sentence and ask the correct question to find the adverb of reason for the verb, you can recognize that the word is the adverb of reason. The rule of approaching the verb with the correct question is a rule that applies to all types of adverbs. If you do the same while searching for adverbs of reason in our topic in German, it will be easy for you to find sentences. The thing to do for this will be to direct the correct question to the verb, as we did to find it in other adverbs.

Adverbs of reason are adverbs in which the word in the answer received as a result of the question asked to the verb indicates the reason or purpose. Verb in order to find the adverb of reason in the sentence. "Warum" Why, "Weshalb" Why, "Weswegen" Why, "Zu welchem ​​Zweck" With which purpose, "Wozu" For what purpose, "Womit" With what, "Wofür" Why, "Worüber" About what, "Wodurch "In what way questions are asked.

We present the most frequently used adverbs of reasons in German in a table below for your information. You can practice by memorizing and then using the adverbs of reason you learned later in sentences.

Adverbs of Reason in German Its equivalent in Turkish
for this For this
darum / deshalb For this
from that From this
deswegen / daher Therefore
darüb is Upon this
andernfalls Otherwise
I trotzdem Even so
somites so
if necessary If necessary
to In this respect
sonst Another, if not
For this Hi
herewith With this
deinetwegen Because of you
meinetwegen Because of me

Sample Sentences

I didn't say anything on that.

Ich right nichts darüber.

You don't want to get married for that.

Sie wollen nicht dafur heiraten.

Nothing else!

Son nichts!

Otherwise I'll go.

Andernflalls werde ich gehen.

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