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German Vegetables

Dear students, we will learn about vegetables in German in this lesson. Our topic called German vegetables is based on memorization, at the first stage, memorize the German of the most used vegetables in daily life and use these German vegetable names in sentences by examining our sentence building lessons.

If you want to examine our separate topic, which we have examined very comprehensively about vegetables in German, we recommend that page. Click here to examine our topic, vegetables in German, illustrated lecture and sample sentences: German Vegetables

Be sure to learn the German vegetable names together with their articles, do not forget that a word that you will learn without an article will not be useful for you when you form a sentence.

Vegetables in German are listed below, if you wish German Fruit You can also take a look at our topic. (Opens in a new window)

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German Vegetables

das Gemüse - vegetable
die Tomate - tomato
die Tomaten - tomatoes
die Gurke - cucumber, cucumber
die Gurken - cucumbers, cucumbers
Der Paprika - pepper
die Paprikas -biberler
die Paprikaschote - bell pepper
die Paprikaschoten - chili peppers
die Peperoni - pointed pepper
die Peperoni - pointed peppers
der Salat - salad
die Salate - salataar
die Zwiebel - onion
die Zwiebeln - onions
die Kartoffel - potato
die Kartoffeln - potatoes
der Spinat - spinach
die Spinate - spinach
der Kopfsalat - green salad
die Kopfsalate - green salads
der kleine Ampfer - sorrel

die Kresse - tere
das Radieschen - red radish
die Radieschen - red turf
der Rettich - white radish
die Rettiche - white turf
die Carrot - carrot
die Möhre - carrot
die Carotten - carrots
die Möhren - carrots
der Endieviensalat - chindia
die Endieviensalate - chicory
die Okraschote - okra
die Okraschoten - Readings
der Lauch - leek
die Lauche - grates
der Sellerie - celery
die Sellerie - celery
die Aubergine - eggplant
die Auberginen - eggplants
der Kürbis - squash
die Kürbisse - pumpkins
die Artischocke - artichoke
die Artischocken - artichokes
der Fenchel - fennel

die Bohne - beans
die Bohnen - beans
die grüne Bohne - fresh beans
die grünen Bohnen - fresh beans
die weiße Bohne - dry beans
die weißen Bohnen - dry beans
die Linse - lentil
die Linsen - lentils
die Erbse - peas
die Erbsen - peas
die Petersilie - parsley
die Petersilien - parsley
der Thymian - thyme
der Knoblauch - garlic
die Gemüsesuppe - vegetable soup
der Blumenkohl - cauliflower
der Rosenkohl - Brussels sprouts
der Rotkohl / das Rotkraut - red cabbage
der Weißkohl / das Weißkraut - white cabbage
der Brokkoli - broccoli
die Brokkolis - broccoli
der Dill - dere otu
das Basilikum - basil
die Pfefferminze - nane
der Lorbeer - bay
die Lorbeeren - defneler
das Lorbeerblatt - bay leaf

The most used vegetables in German daily life are listed above, and we wish you all the best.
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