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German Greeting Cues

German greeting, German dating, German greeting sentences, German dating sentences.

Distinguished fellow students are generally greeted and met in German as follows.
We have written the most commonly used greeting and acquaintance sentence patterns in daily life, of course, many different variations can be made, but the most and general usage is as we have written below.
Let's give examples of greetings and acquaintances in German:

Hello (selam): hallo (halo :)
Hello (salutation): Servus! (service)
Good morning: Guten Morgen (gu: tın morgan)
Good day (consult): Guten Tag (gu: tin ta: g)
Good evening: Guten Abend (gu: tin abint)
Good night: Gute Nacht (gu: ti naht)
Servus: Good Morning, Hello, Good Evening
Grüezi: Good Morning, Hello, Good Evening
How are you? : Wie geht es ihnen? (vi: ge: t es needle)
I am good, thank you: Es geht mir gut, danke (es ge: t mirgu: t, danki)
What is your name? : Wie heissen Sie? (vi: hayzin zi :)
My name is Muharrem: ich heisse Muharrem (ih hayzı Muharrem)

Who are you? : Wer bist du? (wer bist du)
I am Muharram: ich bin Muharram (ih bin Muharram)
I am Muslim: ich bin Muslimisch (ih bin müslimiş)
My name is Muharrem: Mein Name ist Muharrem (mayn na: mı ist Muharrem)
I am a Turk: ich bin ein Türke (ih bin ayn türkü)
I am the doctor: ich bin Arzt (ih bin artst)
I am ...... I am: ich bin ....... jahre alt (ih bin ...... ya: re alt)
Please: Bitte (biti)
Alright: Gut (gu: t)
I'm sorry: Entschuldigung (entşuldigung)
Okay: Okay (okay)
Beautiful! : schön (chore: n)


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