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German countries and languages, German nationalities

In this German lesson; We will provide information about German countries, German languages ​​and German nationalities. The subject of German countries and languages ​​is generally taught in 9th grade in our country.

In this course, where we will examine the German of countries, let's first see the German and Turkish of the single countries with the visuals we have prepared for you. First of all, we will see the names of the countries that we hear the most and which are usually located in the European continent, one by one with visuals. Later, we will see the names of many other countries in a table, learn the German nation names and learn the languages ​​spoken by the countries in German.

We recommend that you follow our lesson carefully. Now let's see the German countries with images. Now, let's talk about this point that you can see the article in front of the country name in some of the images below. Although German country names are generally without articles, some countries such as die Türkei have articles in front of them. This issue should also be paid attention to.

If you look carefully at the images below, you can also learn about:

  • We showed German country names
  • In addition to German country names, we showed their meanings in Turkish.
  • We also showed maps of German countries
  • We also showed the flag colors of these countries as well as German countries on the map.

German Countries Illustrated Lecture

German countries and languages ​​Turkey

die Türkei - TURKEY


Countries and languages ​​in German - Germany

Deutschland - GERMANY

German countries and languages ​​Bulgaria

Bulgarien - BULGARIA


German countries and languages ​​Greece

Griechenland - GREECE


German countries and languages ​​Luxemburg

Luxemburg - LUXEMBOURG


Countries and languages ​​in German - Italy

Italien - ITALY


German countries and languages ​​- UK

Britannien - ENGLAND (BRITAIN)


German countries and languages ​​Netherlands

Niederlande - NETHERLANDS

Countries and languages ​​in German - France

Frankreich - FRANCE


Countries and languages ​​in German - Poland

Pollen - POLAND

Above, we saw the German names of some countries and their Turkish equivalents together with the countries' maps and flag colors. Let's see some more countries. In the list we have prepared as a table below, you will see the German countries and languages ​​and the names given to the nations of these countries. The description of the table is available just below.

German Countries, German languages ​​and German nationalities

First, let's give a general one. One of the topics we have covered before German professions that each professional member is named separately for male and female in German, at the beginning of the male's occupational name. of the that the article is at the beginning of the female's professional name the We said that there is an article. So if a teacher is male, another word is said in German, and another word is said if female. In addition, der artikeli is used in front of men and die articel is used in front of women.

Just like this, German nation names are named separately for men and women and are of the article, if in front of women the article is used. After reviewing the table of German countries, German nationalities and languages ​​below, the necessary explanation is available under the table.

Das Land (COUNTRY) die Nationalität (NATION) die Sprache (LANGUAGE)
die Türkei Turkey / Turkin türkisch
Northern Cyprus Turkey / Turkin türkisch
Saudi Arabia Araber / Araberine Arabisch
Syria Syrier / Syrierin Arabisch
say Iraq Iraker / Irakerin Arabisch
der Iran Iraner / Iranerin persisch
Austria Österreicher / Österreicherin German
France Franzose / Französin French
Germany Deutsch / Deutsche German
Switzerland Schweizer / Schweizerin Deutsch / Französisch
Greece Grieche / Griechin Griechisch
Japan Japaner / Japanerin japanisch
Russia Russe / Russin Russisch

In the table above, the first column contains the name of the country, the second column the nation of the people living in this country, and the third column contains the language spoken in this country.

For example; die Türkei Turkey phrase means. Türke expression (or rather says Türke) means male Turkish, die Türkin means woman Turkish. türkisch The phrase refers to the Turkish language spoken in Turkey.

E.g, Russia means Russia, der Russe the expression means Mr.Russian, die russin expression means female Russian. If you cannot understand the meaning of other countries, it will be very useful for you to learn from the dictionary. Most of the time, we do not write the Turkish meaning of every German word, so you can look up words from the dictionary to learn the German meaning. Words learned from the dictionary are more catchy.

You can see more countries, nations and languages ​​in the images we have prepared for you below.

Sentences about countries and nations in German

Now, we will include sample sentences about countries, nations and languages ​​spoken in German. Of these types of sentences, we will mention some of the most popular phrases that we all hear while learning German and which are among the first subjects shown in schools. These sentences are as follows:

Wo wohnst du?

Where do you live?

Woher kommst du?

Where are you coming from?

Was sprichst du?

Which language do you speak?

The sentences are like. Let's give examples of such sentences.

Wo wohnst du? Sentence and sample answer sentences

Wo wohnst du? (Where do you live?)

Ich wohne in Balıkesir I live in Balıkesir
Du wohnst in Bursa You live in Bursa
Said wohnt in Antalya Said lives in Antalya
Wir wohnen in Artvin We live in Artvin

Woher kommst du? Sentence and sample answer sentences

Woher kommst du? (Where are you coming from?)
Ich komme aus Balikesir I come from Balıkesir
Du kommst aus Marmaris You come from Marmaris
Hamza kommt aus Izmir Hamza comes from Izmir
Wir kommen aus sinop We come from Sinop

Was sprichst du? Sentence and sample answer sentences

Was sprichst du? (Which language do you speak?)

Ich spreche russicsch I am speaking russian
Du sprichst Deutsch You speak german
Meryem spricht Türkisch Meryem speaks Turkish
Wie sprechen Englisch und Türkisch We speak English and Turkish

German Country Speaking Dialogue

German Countries Nations and Languages ​​Exercise Sentence

Below, our friend named Dora gives information about herself. Using your knowledge of German, find the words that should be in the spaces in the sentence below.

………… Tag! …… Name ………. Dora.

Ich ………… Frankreich.

Ich …………. in Paris.

Ich ……. Englisch und Türkisch.

Ich ……………… Französisch.


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