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In this section, we will examine a simple question pattern and possible answers that can be given in order to improve and support the German topics we have already explained. This section will be more practical.


Our simple German questionnaire:

What's this?
What is this?

What's this? (what is this?)

Das ist ein Haus (this is a house)

What's this? (what is this?)

Das ist ein Auto (this is a car)

What's this?

Das ist ein Buch (this is a book)

Ist das ein Buch? (is this a book?)

Nein, das ist kein Buch (no, this is not a book)

What's this? (what is this?)

Das ist ein Heft (this is a notebook)

Ist das ein Auto? (is this a car?)

Nein, das ist kein Auto (no this is not an automobile)

What's this? (what is this?)

Das ist ein Bus (this is an autobus)

Ist das ein Pferd? Is that a horse?

Ja, das ist ein Pferd (yes, he is a push)

Ist das eine Katze? (is she a cat?)

Nein, das ist keine Katze, das ist ein Pferd (no, he is not a cat, he is a push)

If you examine the above examples, you can easily understand the topic.
You can improve the examples yourself through various dialogues.

By developing the above examples, it will be quite useful in daily life
you will learn a lesson.
You can write any questions and comments about our German lessons on almancax forums. All your questions can be answered by almancax members.

RİSALE-İ NUR'AN VECİZELERLife capital is scarce. There are many things you need.

The wisdom and the fact that man is sent to this world; It is to recognize the Hâlik-ı Kâinat and to believe and worship Him.

The most grateful thing is that you do not forget the Hereafter for the World, and you do not sacrifice the Hereafter to the world.

The most important work that Hâlık-i Rahman wants from his worship is thankful.

In your act, Rizâ-y must be Divine. If he is good, then the whole world is not worthless.

This world is a fan. the biggest case is to win the real world. If the person is not strong enough, the case loses.

In their cruel glory, they remain in a state of oppression and migrate from here. So a court-cube is left.

Sultan-ı universe is one, the key of all is next to him, the rest of everything is in the hands of Him.

WHY IS SIMPLE ENERGY? CLICK TO LEARNWHAT IS HUMAN'S BIGGEST CALL? CLICK TO LEARNHOW MUCH LESSONS LEARNED IN THE LITHIUM HOW WE DEFINED GOD? CLICK TO LEARNAs explained in the Youth Guide, youth will go without a doubt. In summer and winter, and in the daytime transition and night shift, youth will change to even oldness and death. If all of your favors and temporary youth are consumed in chastity with the chastity of the vows, all the semaqi fermans give good news that they will have an eternal youth.

If you exhort, how can you take a minute for a minute of violence, punishes millions of jail time; so it confirms with the youthful experience of the youthful pleasures and delicacies of the unauthorized youth, and the soulfulness of the Hereafter and the grace of the grave and the zawâl, and of the souls of the same taste, apart from the sins and earthly majzahs.
If you go in the direction of the circle, youth will be a very nice and beautiful blessing and a sweet and powerful means of life as a brilliant and bountiful youth in the Hereafter, especially as a Qur'an with a very high level of all semaviv books and fermans they give notice and good news. If this is the truth. And now, the law is a sacred space. And since the haram is a clock flavor, sometimes a year and 10 years imprisonment will be taken. Of course, as a blessing to the blessing of youth, it is necessary and necessary to spend that sweet blessing in the affection and direction.

The almancax team wishes success ...

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