German Adverbs for Location (Lokaladverbien)

Dear students, the topic we will cover in this lesson German Adverbs for Location (Lokaladverbien). This course has been prepared by our forum members and is a summary information. There may be some errors. For information purposes.

In German, adverbs are names given to words that describe verbs, as in Turkish. These words, which we call adverbs, characterize verbs in terms of place, time, situation and cause. The use of adverbs that indicate the location and direction is important in terms of understanding the mutual dialogues more clearly and ensuring the order of the sentence. Stating that we will also process other types of envelopes in our next lessons, our main topic is German Adverbs for Location (Lokaladverbien) Let's move on to what you need to know about.

In order to distinguish the adverbs of place used in German easily in a sentence, the questions of “Wo” Where / “Wohin” Where / “Woher” Where From should be directed to the verb.

To explain with an example;

I go "in"

"I am going down

Shall we go "over there"?

We call the words we need when using place and direction expressions such as place and direction expressions, and the subject of adverbs of place and direction in German is called Lokaladverbien.

You can learn the most frequently used adverbs of place in German when you examine the table below, you can practice using them in sentences by memorizing them, and thus you can learn the subject.

Where   Wo Where   the Wohler Where   From where
Gilt-head seabream there To there the dorther From there dorther
here Here here With this link v
There da To genius From there therefore
Behind behind Back backwards Behind from behind
Ahead fore Forward Forward Front from the front
Soldiers left-wing Sola to the left Left von links
Right right-wing Right to the right Right Von Rechts
Aşağıda below Down down From below von unten
Above above Up up the above from above
Everywhere all over Everywhere everywhere From anywhere überallher
Outside draußen Out nach drausen From outside von drausen
Inside indoors Inside nach drinnen From the inside von drinnen

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