German Time Adverbs

The subject we will cover in this lesson will be the continuation of the topic of envelopes that we started earlier and Time Adverbs in German (Temporaladverbien) We will focus on the title.
German Time Adverbs
The adverbs of time in German can be divided into several categories. These categories are like the separation of times into future, present, past, repeating time, definite time and lasting time as in Turkish.

We will try to express with a table the time adverbs that are frequently used in German and are useful for you to memorize.

Present tense presence  Future Future Past tense Past
Today today Soon Bald Before & Früher
Now if you are asking Get in Tomorrow ubermorgen Yesterday Yesterday
Today nowadays Sonra Later Recently Recently
Specific time Time  Repetitive Repetition  Duration - time duration
Upon this Then Repeatedly Multiple times Uzun Swaddle
Since that time Since Mondays on Monday For years jahrelang
Just vorhin Often Offt Currently Still

In order to find adverbs of tense in German the verb "Wann" When, "Wie lange" How long, "Wie oft" How often, "Bis wann" When, "Seit wann" Since when it is necessary to ask questions. When you examine the table below, you can find the most frequently used adverbs. When you try to memorize adverbs of time and use them in sentences, what you learn will be better consolidated.

When When How often How often
Now if you are asking now! No nie
Today today Rarely selten
Yesterday yesterday Often often
Soon soon Always discord
Tomorrow tomorrow in the morning in the morning
Formerly earlier At night nachts
Before previously Daily täglich
Sonra later Repeatedly multiple times
Later afterwards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), sometimes referred to as the manchmal

Note: The question in German "Since when?" When to answer the question "seit", "Until when?" When to answer the question, "bis" time envelope is used. We recommend that you do not skip this important detail in German time frames.

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