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dear friends, this is the subject we will teach this lesson German Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) it will be. Dear friends, this lesson has been prepared by our forum members and is a summary information. There may be some minor errors. It has been prepared for information purposes.

In German, just like in Turkish, there is an opposite meaning in elephants and words. Opposite words are words that can be encountered in all areas of life and especially useful in spoken language.

It can be used in general dilemmas. You might think it will be a fun subject since you will learn two words at the same time while learning antonyms in German. In this lesson, you will need to use your direction of memorization. At the end of our lesson, you will be able to learn and use words that contain opposite meanings. At the same time, the subject will be further consolidated thanks to a few examples given.

Antonyms in German

Good good Bad Schlecht
Beautiful Nice Ugly Ugly
Small Small Big Gross
Young Jung Old Alt
Uzun Long Short Short
Brokeree Solutions Viel Az Little
When it comes to choosing the right Properly False Wrong
Cold Cold Hot Hot
Rich Rich Fakir Arm
Fat Thick Weak Thin
Strong Stark Weak Weak
Hard Hart Soft Soft
Large Wide Give Narrow
Near Well Uzak Far
Marrow Warm Serin Cool
Healthy Healthy Until Crank
Late Late Early early
Dry Trochen Wet Nass
vowel According to the Quiet Leiser
Moving in Berlin High Low Deep
Dark Dunkel Bright Hell
Expensive Expensive Cheap Cheap
Easy, light Slightly Hard, heavy schwer
Cheerful Fröhlig Sad Sad
Dessert Suss Pain Bitter
Dessert Suss Sour Sour
Tok Fed up Hungry hungrig
Hardworking Fleissig Lazy Foul
Our Happy Happy Joyless Unglucklich
Fast Instant Slow Slowly
Full Full Null Leather

Sample Sentences

Are you hungry? / Hast du hunger?

No, I'm full! / Nein, ich thousand sold!


How big is your house! / Wie gross ist deine Wohnung!

This is a small car. / Das ist ein kleines (das) Auto.

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