Interesting facts about Germany

Germany is a country that should be known for its long history and the quality education opportunities it provides. It is also one of the most immigrant receiving countries in Europe, as students can easily receive education and provide students with suitable living conditions both financially and morally.

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Germany is the Land of Thinkers, Poets and Artists

We have stated that Germany has a long history. The country, which has hosted many scientists, philosophers, poets and artists from the past to the present, has city theaters, museums, libraries, orchestra buildings and art galleries of international importance. Famous artists such as Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, and Brahms have played a role in the rise of classical music in the country. Many thinkers such as Karl Marx, Nietzsche and Hegel have brought life to the country with their philosophical movements.

It is the country where the world's largest folk festival is held

The Oktoberfest festival, the world's largest festival, is held regularly every year in the country's city of Munich. The festival, which has been continuing without a hitch since 1810, starts in the last week of September and ends in the first week of October.

The Country with the World's Tallest Cathedral

Germany hosts many tourists every year with its geometric architecture. One of the places frequented by tourists is Cologne Cathedral, the tallest cathedral in the world, with a length of 161 meters and 768 steps.

Country with plenty of Nobel Prizes

Germany deserved 102 Nobel Prizes in total in the fields of literature, physics, chemistry and peace. This shows how high quality and fond of both science and art the country actually is. The fact that 45 scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize in the country were trained is the best example of this.

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