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Mobile German Scrolls for Mobile Phones Game

German mobile game for mobile phone .. with the difference of almancax…

The user sees one word and its 2 chicks. If the right answer is the word on the left, the user will press the LEFT key of the mobile phone. If the other option is correct, the user presses the RIGHT direction key. Points are earned in correct answers.

It can be installed on any mobile phone that supports Java applications, it is totally free, it is not possible to deduct credits from your line.

This service is provided by AlMancax and Java developer Murat İnan. It is free. You can download the German educational game to your mobile phone and you can play new and learn German words you like.
German Turkish words game is extremely simple and useful.

In addition to having your mobile phone's java support, you also need to have the ability to add games from the outside.
If you download the downloaded file from the archive and upload it to the relevant folder of your mobile phone, you can play the game easily.

We wish you success as an almancax team.

Click Here to Download Program / File

Note: This program is distributed free of charge by almancax. By downloading the program
You will have free and unlimited usage right. Because you use the program, there is never a decrease in your credit or an increase in your bill.


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