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What is a dativ

What is Dativ in German? In this short article, we will briefly explain what Dativ means in German and what it is meant to call Dativ. In a previous lesson, we explained at length what the concept of Dativ means.

The term Dativ in German is a grammatical term and the word Dativ means the -e form of the noun. Dativ means the -e state, one of the states of the name.

We have previously examined the German nouns and explained the subject with very extensive explanations and gave plenty of examples, if you wish, you can click here to read the lesson we prepared about Dativ: German Dativ Lecture

The following changes occur in the German Dativ, namely the -e case. In other words, we can transform a word in the plain form of the name into -e by making the following changes.

In German, the name -e is made by changing the articles. Articles vary as follows:

The word in plain form is said to the article

The word in plain form is das article dem form,

The word in plain form becomes die article,

The word in plain form becomes einem,

The word in plain form to einer article,

The kein article of the plain word becomes keinema,

The keine of the plain word is turned into a keiner with an article, and a word in plain form is turned into a -e.

As mentioned above for more detailed information German Dativ Lecture You can read our tutorial.

We wish you success in your German lessons.


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