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Der Die Das

What does der die das mean in German? What comes to your mind when you say der das die guys? What do these 3 words mean to you? Every German name has one of these der das die words in front of it, right?

Now let's see what these der die das words are. In fact, we talked about these words a lot in our previous lessons. If you wish, you can also take a look at our topic, which includes a broader lecture: German Artikeller

As we mentioned in our previous lessons, there are genders of gender names in German, and these genders are of three types. In German, nouns are either male, female or neutral. Therefore, the article in front of the name changes according to the gender of the name.

In German, all genus names are called artikel der, das, die One of the words is found. These words have no Turkish equivalents and cannot be fully translated into our language. These words are like a part of the name they are in. When learning a name, it is necessary to learn its article together as if it were a single word with the name.

If you just memorize the word without learning the article, the word you learned will not do much good.  Article in some sources imesdefinely”Some of them“definitionIt passes as ”. In addition, articles are abbreviated in many dictionaries and sources as shown below.

of the artikel m or r characters.
the artikel f or e characters.
the artikel n or s characters.

So this is;
The word eli m r or art r ik will be “der art,
The word f f e or e e “will be“ die,,
The word n ​​or s is the word “das art.

German der die das articles are from a certain group of articles. Click here to read the lecture we have prepared in much more detail about specific articles in German: Specific Articles in German

We wish you success in German classes.


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