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I www.almancax.co, German education in Turkey since 2006 and today Germany Visas, Permits serves as Sessions and Working solution services about the problems faced by the Turks in Germany.

almancax contains thousands of pages of documents in different categories and with different contents for users of almost all levels. At almancax, you can find the information you need for foreign language education.

At the beginning of the 2000s, when the asynchronous education system was just beginning to be discussed and implemented, we, as Germanx, implement foreign language education with this system, perhaps for the first time in our country. This education system, in which participation is spread over time, isolates students from time and space problems. It allows them to follow the lectures and participate in the discussions at their own time and place. The almancax forums have also been carefully prepared for such discussions and sharing.

In addition to its extensive content forums, almancax contains tens of thousands of content, including all kinds of games, web and mobile applications, written lectures, video lessons, exercises, various documents and similar content that will be useful for German language learners.

with almancax; you can start learning German from scratch, improve your existing knowledge, find the necessary information for your assignments and researches, practice German, learn your curiosities about German and Germany, solve German tests, play games and chat. In short, you can access any kind of information you are looking for in German, where you can improve yourself.

Moreover, you are not alone in doing all these; not only from the four corners of Turkey, from every country in Europe, the world's different points, sharing with you the same goal, thousands of Turks also are learning German here, solves the problems here.

In addition, you can find information about Germany in our forum, find information about education, undergraduate, graduate, master's and doctorate opportunities in Germany, prepare for exams such as A1, A2 and get information from friends who have previously taken and passed these exams. In our forums, you can get information on many subjects such as passport procedures, visa procedures, family reunification procedures, obtaining a residence permit, work permit, using a driver's license obtained from Turkey in Germany, tourist visa procedures, going to Germany as a student, etc. for those who are considering going to Germany. You can benefit from the experiences. You can also share your experiences on these subjects and provide useful information to beginners.

The teachers who prepare articles, writings and German lessons on our website almancax.com are experienced and experts in their fields. Our German lessons are prepared by our German teachers. Our English lessons are prepared by our English teachers. In addition, our German textbooks, German supplementary textbooks, German sheet tests, German self-learning books are sold online or in bookstores in the market. Our German supplementary textbooks are used as textbooks in many high schools in our country.

almancax forums;
a platform where information, education, discussion, sharing, activity, respect, research, co-operation is brought together and all kinds of knowledge can be reached!

We not only provide forum participants with information on foreign languages, but also help them with the problems they encounter in European countries (especially Germany). For example, many questions and problems such as what people who want to go to a foreign country should do, what they will encounter there, what documents are required, what are the conditions and procedures, what are the living conditions and cultural characteristics are also discussed in almancax forums.

almancax forums;
Written and vocoded German lessons,
German speech patterns,
German poetry, stories, proverbs, idioms,
German activities,
German news,
German grammar,
Various questions and answers about grammar,
Online dictionary and useful source addresses,
and documents in as many different categories as can not be written here.
To have more information, you should review the other sections of the almancax forum.

Thank you for your attention.

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