Unlawful Notice

Almancax.com has adopted the principle of respecting the intellectual industrial rights and personal rights of the public, business partners and third parties, as well as respecting the law and the law.

Natural and legal persons, neighboring or related rights holders or professional associations who claim that some contents within Almancax.com violate personal rights, intellectual and industrial rights,

  • The URL address of the content subject to violation and the subject of the content subject to violation,
  • If it is a real person, it is a document showing its identity; if it is a legal person, it is a chamber registration certificate; if it is a professional association, it is a letter of request with a letterhead signed by the authorized person.
  • If the authority to act with power of attorney is used, the power of attorney,
  • The document showing that he/she is the right owner in requests regarding intellectual and industrial rights,
  • Full name / title and clear contact addresses

Sunmak kaydıyla almancax.com’un iletisim@almancax.com adresine bildirim yapabilirler. Bu elektronik iletişim adresine ulaşan talep ve şikayetler hukuk servisi tarafından incelenecek, gerekli görüldüğü takdirde ihlale konu içerikler Almancax.com sisteminden en kısa sürede çıkarılacak ve muhataba bilgi verilecektir.

Thank you for your attention.

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