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German Lessons for Primary and Middle School Students

Dear students friends and parents; As you know, Turkey's largest German training site which has hundreds of German course our website. Upon your requests, we grouped these lessons for primary and high school students and divided them into classes. We categorized our German lessons prepared in accordance with the national education curriculum applied in our country for primary and secondary school students and listed them below.

The German lessons listed below are generally introductory and visual German lessons. Since our detailed and long lectured German lessons are not very suitable for primary and secondary school students, we have only included our simple and visual lessons here.

Below is a list of our German lessons offered to primary and secondary school students throughout our country. The German unit list below is listed from simple to difficult. However, in some German textbooks, the order of the subjects may be different in some schools.

In addition, while the German lesson is being taught, the order of the units may vary according to the education strategy of the teacher who enters the German lesson.

topics shown generally in primary and secondary schools in Turkey are as follows.

German Days

German Months and Seasons

Illustrated German Numbers

Illustrated German Clocks

German Colors

Illustrated German Organs

German Fruit

German Vegetables

German Personal Pronouns

German Occupations

German School Supplies

Dear students and parents, primary and secondary school students, illustrated German lessons on our website are listed above, and new topics are added to our site periodically. This page will be updated when new German lessons are added.

We wish you luck.


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