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English Alphabet, English Letters

In this course called English alphabet and English letters, we will learn about topics such as the English alphabet, the letters in the English alphabet, the pronunciation and writing of the English letters. In our English alphabet lecture, we will also include sample sentences about English letters.

English alphabet

The English alphabet uses the letters in the Latin alphabet just like Turkish. In this article English alphabet You can learn the subject. Spelling of English letters and English alphabet pronunciation You can see the lecture.

How Many Letters Are There in the English Alphabet?

English alphabet; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, It is a total of 26 letters, including Z. 21 of these letters are consonants and 5 are vowels. Vowels are important in the English language, but they are difficult to learn because they can make both long and short sounds. Unlike Turkish letters q, w, x .

The letters ç, ğ, ö, ş, ü in Turkish are not found in English. It is a language that is not read as it is written in English. In addition, the spelling of lowercase letters as capital letters is also different.

Now let's first give the English alphabet with pictures. Later, we will list all the letters and explain the pronunciation of each letter one by one with sample words.

English Alphabet - With Pictures

english alphabet, english letters

English Alphabet, English Letters and Pronunciation

In the list below, you can find the spelling of the words that make up the English alphabet as lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as their pronunciation. Knowing the alphabet is essential for improving your reading skills and having more confidence in your English skills. In this list, you can find each letter with its pronunciation in upper and lower case letters.

  • a - A - ey
  • b - B - bi
  • c - C - si
  • d - D - di
  • e - E - i
  • f - F - ef
  • g - G - ci
  • h - H - aperture
  • i - I - month
  • j - J - cey
  • k - K - key
  • l - L - hand
  • m - M - em
  • n - N - en
  • o - O - o
  • p - P - pi
  • q - Q - q
  • r - R - ar
  • s - S - es
  • t - T - ti
  • u - U - yu
  • v - V - vi
  • w - W - diffused
  • x - X - ex
  • y - Y - wow
  • z - Z - zet

Especially when teaching English letters to preschool and primary school students alphabet song or English letters video you can support with.

You can easily learn this subject by pronouncing the pronunciations of sample sentences aloud and listening to how each letter is pronounced. At the same time, when you watch foreign TV series or movies with English subtitles and English voiceovers, you can easily see both the spelling and pronunciation of the sentence.

How to Read English Letters

How to Read the Letter A in English?

  • Age (eyc): age
  • Animal (enimil): animal

How to Read the Letter B in English?

  • Bear: bear
  • Bird (börd): bird 

How to Read the Letter C in English?

There are no capital O and small three letters in English. The pronunciation of the letter C differs according to the word in which it is located. The point to note is that when the letters c and h are side by side, the letter usually sounds three. It can also sound "ch" "k" according to the language origin of the word.

  • Come (cam): come
  • City (siti): city
  • Chair: chair

How to Read the Letter D in English?

  • Dog (dog): dog
  • Danger: danger 

How to Read the Letter E in English?

The letter E also has different pronunciations according to the origin of the word. 

  • Egg (eg): egg
  • Eye (moon): eye
  • Eat (iit): to eat

How to Read the Letter F in English?

  • Flower: flower
  • Family (feminine): family

How to Read the Letter G in English? 

There is no "ğ" in the English alphabet.

  • Game (gay): game
  • Girl (see): girl

How to Read the Letter H in English?

  • Happy (hepi): happy
  • Hat (het): hat

How to Read the English Letter I?

Do i have i in english In the letter I's interesting / Interesting word, we see the change in the structure of this letter. There are no capital I and lowercase I letters in English.

  • I (month): I
  • Ice (ays): ice

How to Read the Letter J in English?

  • Join (coin): join
  • Jump (camp): jump

How to Read the Letter K in English?

The letter K differs according to the word in which it is located.

  • King (king): the king
  • Know (nov): to know

Note: The letter k is not read when the letters Kn are side by side.

How to Read the Letter L in English?

  • Look: look
  • Language (lenguic): language

How to Read the Letter M in English?

  • Money (mania): money
  • Mother (madir): mother

How to Read the Letter N in English?

  • Name (neym): name
  • New (niüv): new
  • Nine (nayn): nine

How to Read the Letter O in English?

There are no upper and lower case letters in the English alphabet.

  • Old (old)
  • Open (opin): open
  • One (van): one

How to Read the Letter P in English?

  • Picture (picchır): picture
  • Play (pley): play, play

How to Read the Letter Q in English?

  • Quick (kuik): quick
  • Question

How to Read the Letter S in English?

There is no letter "ş" in English. When the letters S and h are side by side, it sounds "ş".

  • Ship: ship
  • Sea (sii): sea
  • Story (sitarian): story

How to Read the Letter T in English?

When the letters "th" are side by side, the pronunciation is determined according to the origin of the word.

  • Table (tape): table
  • Think (tink): to think
  • This (dis): this

How to Read the Letter U in English?

There is no letter "ü" in English.

  • Use (yuuz): to use
  • Usual (yujıl): usual
  • Under (moment): under

How to Read the Letter V in English?

  • Very (data): very
  • Visit (visit): visit
  • Voice (vois): voice

How to Read the Letter W in English?

  • War (vor): war
  • Win (vin): win
  • Wrong (rong): wrong

Note: When the letters "wr" are side by side, W is not read, ie V sound is not heard.

How to Read the Letter X in English?

  • X-ray (ex-ray): x-ray
  • Xerox (zirox): copier

How to Read the Letter Y in English?

  • Yes (yes): yes
  • Young (yang): young

How to Read the Letter Z in English?

  • Zoo (züu): zoo
  • Zero (ziro): zero

Lots of English abbreviations to practice English letters, How to write numbers in EnglishYou should pay attention to matters such as titles. You can improve your practice by reading sample sentences or sample texts on this subject. Watching English alphabet videos and listening to English alphabet songs will give you a lot of progress in this regard.

Dear friends, you are reading the topic of the English alphabet. If you want to see all our other English lessons, click here: English lessons

English alphabet

English Alphabet History

The English; It has words from many different languages, including French, Greek, and Latin. You can see this in the spelling of many English words. Follows an English phonetic rule; however, because of these added words, the rules are complex to learn and apply.

Until 1835, the English Alphabet consisted of 27 letters: the 27th letter of the alphabet right after the "Z" was the "and" sign (&).

Today, the English Alphabet (or Modern English Alphabet) consists of 26 letters: 23 from Old English and 3 later added.

The ABC Song

English alphabet lyrics

VW and XYZ

I can sing my ABCs,
Won't you sing along with me?

VW and XYZ

I can sing my ABCs,
Won't you sing along with me? 

How to Teach English Letters to Elementary School Students? 

While studying English, primary school students will first start with the topic of letters. To advance in this matter, you can make a distinction according to age; We recommend teaching 5 letters per lesson for 7-3 year olds and 7 letters per lesson for children over 5 years old. You can start with lowercase letters and move on to capital letters after students have learned them well. 

As you teach each letter, you can use activities to practice and reinforce each letter. An example activity; 

Children love to write on the blackboard or whiteboard. After teaching each letter, give a student a chalk / marker and ask him to write the letter on the board (as large as possible). You can have more than one student do this for each letter. 

Another exercise might be to ask him to split his name into syllables. Let's give an example text; 

Questions that can be asked about spelling, 

- "How do you spell your name?"

- "Can you spell your name, please?"


- "My name is Mete, METE" 


Let's ask a person his name and how to spell it. And then introduce him your name and spelling. Here is an example: 

-What is your name?

My name is …….

-How do you spell your name?

It is… .. -… .. -… .. - 

English Alphabet Sample Questions 

  1. How to pronounce the letter A in the English alphabet?
    B. oo
    C. ey
    D. month
  2. How to pronounce the letter W in the English alphabet?
    A. dablyu
    B. dublu and
    C. double and
    D. ğa
  3. Which of the following letters is available in Turkish but not in English?
    A. I
    B. M
    C. N
    D. S
  4. Which of the following letters is available in English but not in Turkish?
    A. M
    B. Q
    C. E
    D. S
  5. Which of the following is the letter read as ZED in the English alphabet?
    A. S
    B. B
    C. J
    D. Z
  6. How to pronounce the letter J in the English alphabet?
    A. jey
    B. cey
    C. dey
    D. tey
  7. Which of the following letters is not available in the English alphabet?
    A. i
    C. m
  8. Which of the following is a consonant?
    B. e
    C. m
    D. d
  9. How to pronounce the letter M in English?
    A. em
    B. mu
    C. maa
    D. me
  10. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?
    A 29
    B. 28
    C. 27
    D. 26
  11. How to pronounce the letters au next to each other in English?
    A. o
    B. uu
    C. aa
    D. net
  12. How to pronounce the letters oe next to each other in English?
    A. ohe
    B. eho
    C. u
    D. o
  13. How to pronounce the word write?
    A. Urayt
    C. Vrayt
    D. Wirt
  14. How to pronounce the word scheme?
    A. Shim
    B. Sim
    D. Shiime

generally English Alphabet Subject Expression It might seem simple at first glance. But you may have noticed that each letter can have many different pronunciations. Some letters are not found in Turkish. In this article, our goal is to clear your confusion and make learning the English alphabet more stress-free.

english letters, english alphabet

How to Memorize English Letters Easily?

In this chapter Easily memorize English letters We will give a few tricks for you.

It is important to listen to a native speaker to learn how to pronounce each letter. Remember that it will be very difficult to understand English speakers in conversation at first. If you are new to English, you might want to consider listening to an English podcast designed to teach English to beginners.

Write your own alphabet song: Try to find your own way to sing in the alphabet or sing the letters according to the melody of your favorite pop song. By making your own song, you can make the song more catchy.

Associate the letters with specific words. The easiest way to do this is to write a 26-word story in which each word begins with a different letter of the alphabet.

“After breakfast, cats destroyed everything. Fish, games, household items… ”

Use your own memories as you continue the story and try to use all 26 letters in turn. Remember, it doesn't have to make perfect sense! The more absurd the story is, the more likely you are to remember it, so be sure to have fun while practicing this exercise!

While learning the English alphabet, you shouldn't miss out on repetition and listening to letter pronunciations. Learning an easy-to-remember word next to each letter can also help you remember the letters better. For this, you can also use the words we gave as examples next to each letter.

The letters in English are not spoken in the way we write and pronounce in Turkish, the sounds are different. The pronunciation of English letters differs from word to word. The main reason for this difference is word origins. Therefore, the spelling and pronunciation of all letters in English are different. These letters produce forty-four different types of sounds. The fact that there are more types of sounds than the number of letters in the alphabet actually makes learning the alphabet difficult. Even though it is easy to memorize the letters, it can be confusing which letter is read with which sound in the word.

First of all, you can try listening to English alphabet songs to learn and strengthen your English alphabet knowledge. You can also memorize simple words and letters by watching English cartoons to learn more simply. Listening to English rhymes and watching cartoons will help you learn the English alphabet with pleasure and understand simple words clearly. To learn the pronunciation of English words, you can participate in activities where you can practice speaking frequently. Learning the English alphabet is the first step to learning English.

Make yourself a goal and study plan for learning English. How hard do you need to work to reach your goals? This answer is different for every individual. The important thing is to be realistic. If you work 60 hours a week, don't plan to learn English for another 40 hours a week. Start slow, but study regularly. Use materials that are challenging but not too difficult. Find out what works for you. After working for a few weeks, adjust your study schedule accordingly. Do you work at the best nights or on the bus to work? Do you like to work alone or with friends and background music in a quiet place? If you don't enjoy learning English, you are not studying correctly! You can give yourself incentives to stay on track towards your goal. You can create a reward system for each lesson you accomplished.

Some students want to know which skill is more important. So they plan to start with the most important first. They all count, as all skills are based on each other. However, we use some skills more often than others to communicate. For example, about 40% of the time we spend communicating, we're just listening. We speak for about 35% of the time. About 16% of communication comes from reading and about 9% from writing. When studying English, let one type of study move towards another. For example, read a story and then talk about it with a friend. Watch a movie and then write about it.

It can be difficult to start anything from scratch, especially if you learn to write in a language that is completely different from your own. It's really like walking alone in a completely unknown place. But you can easily learn with the examples and exercises included in this article.

Keep a notebook to learn new words. Here, write the words you just learned in alphabetical order. So you can see and memorize each word better. English Letters Subject Lecture Do not skip practicing and solving test questions right after the training session. English is learned easier and faster when you are exposed to it every day.


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