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English numbers

In this English lesson, we will see the lecture of numbers in English. First, we will write sample sentences about English numbers up to 10, that is, numbers in English, then English numbers up to 100, and then English numbers. We will learn about the spelling and pronunciation of English numbers.

In this topic on English numbers, we'll cover the following topics:

  • English figures
  • Numbers up to 100 in English
  • Spelling and pronunciation of numbers in English
  • Ways to memorize numbers in English
  • How to pronounce decimal numbers in English
  • How to pronounce fractional numbers in English
  • How to pronounce percentages in English
  • How to read dates and years in English

How to Write Numbers in English

English numbers; Just like Turkish numbers, it has been created according to a certain systematic. However, if you grasp the logic of the work, you will learn both the spelling and pronunciation of the numbers as soon as possible. In this context, first of all, you should learn both the spelling and pronunciation of all numbers from 1 to 100. However, you should give priority to fit all numbers from 1 to 10. We can say that learning other numbers from 10 to 100 will be much easier.

First, let's give you a visual, then let's write the English numbers up to a hundred one by one.

English numbers

Below are the English numbers from one to one hundred.

English numbers

  • 0 - zero (ziro)
  • 1 - one (van)
  • 2 - two (tu)
  • 3 - three (tıri)
  • 4 - four (for)
  • 5 - five (fault)
  • 6 - six (cycs)
  • 7 - loving (love)
  • 8 - eight (eyt)
  • 9 - grandma (nayn)
  • 10 - ten (skin)
  • 11 - eleven (elevin)
  • 12 - twelve
  • 13 - thirteen (ceremony)
  • 14 - fourteen (fortiin)
  • 15 - fifteen (fiftiin)
  • 16 - sixteen (sikstiin)
  • 17 - seventeen (rejoice)
  • 18 - eighteen (eighteen)
  • 19 - nineteen (nayntiin)
  • 20 - twenty (tuberty)
  • 21 - twenty-one
  • 22 - twenty-two (tuventi tu)
  • 23 - twenty-three (tuventiy tırii)
  • 24 - twenty-four (for tuventiy)
  • 25 - twenty-five (tuventiy fayf)
  • 26 - twenty-six (tuventiy siks)
  • 27 - twenty-seven (love tuventy)
  • 28 - twenty-eight (tuventiy eyt)
  • 29 - twenty-nine (tuventiy nayn)
  • 30 - thirty (törtiy)
  • 31 - thirty-one (törtiy van)
  • 32 - thirty-two (törtiy tu)
  • 33 - thirty-three (törtiy tıri)
  • 34 - thirty-four (for törtiy)
  • 35 - thirty-five (törtiy fayf)
  • 36 - thirty-six (törtiy siks)
  • 37 - thirty-loving (love törtiy)
  • 38 - Thirty-Eight
  • 39 - Thirty-Nine (Törtiy Nayn)
  • 40 - forty (fortiy)
  • 41 - forty-one (fortiy van)
  • 42 - forty-two (fortiy tu)
  • 43 - forty-three (fortiy type)
  • 44 - forty-four (forty for)
  • 45 - forty-five (fortiy fayf)
  • 46 - Forty-six (fortiy siks)
  • 47 - Forty-seven (love fortiy)
  • 48 - Fortiy-eight (fortiy eyt)
  • 49 - Forty-nine (fortiy nayn)
  • 50 - fifty (fifti)
  • 51 - fifty-one (fifti van)
  • 52 - fifty-two (fifti tu)
  • 53 - fifty-three
  • 54 - fifty-four (fifti for)
  • 55 - fifty-five (fifti fayf)
  • 56 - fifty-six (fifti siks)
  • 57 - fifty-loving (love fifti)
  • 58 - fifty-eight
  • 59 - fifty-nine (fifti nayn)
  • 60 - sixty (siksti)
  • 61 - sixty-one (fuck van)
  • 62 - sixty-two (siksti tu)
  • 63 - sixty-three
  • 64 - sixty-four (for siksti)
  • 65 - sixty-five (siksti fayf)
  • 66 - sixty-six (siksti siks)
  • 67 - sixty-loving (love fuck)
  • 68 - sixty-eight
  • 69 - sixty-nine (siksti nayn)
  • 70 - seventy (rejoice)
  • 71 - seventy-one (seventi van)
  • 72 - seventy-two (seventi tu)
  • 73 - seventy-three
  • 74 - seventy-four (seventy-four)
  • 75 - seventy-five (sevinti fayf)
  • 76 - seventy-six
  • 77 - seventy-loving (love rejoice)
  • 78 - seventy-eight (seventi eyt)
  • 79 - seventy-nine (seventi nayn)
  • 80 - eighty (eyti)
  • 81 - eighty-one (eyti van)
  • 82 - eighty-two (eyti tu)
  • 83 - eighty-three
  • 84 - eighty-four (eyti for)
  • 85 - eighty-five (eyti fayf)
  • 86 - eighty-six (eyti siks)
  • 87 - eighty-loving (love eyti)
  • 88 - eighty-eight (eyti eyt)
  • 89 - eighty-nine (eyti nayn)
  • 90 - Ninety (naynti)
  • 91 - Ninety-one (Naynti Van)
  • 92 - ninety-two (naynti tu)
  • 93 - ninety-three
  • 94 - ninety-four (naynti for)
  • 95 - Ninety-five (naynti fayf)
  • 96 - ninety-six (naynti siks)
  • 97 - Ninety-seven (love naynti)
  • 98 - Ninety-eight
  • 99 - Ninety-nine (Naynti Nayn)
  • 100 - one hundred (van handird)

english numbers, english numbers

Once you know all the numbers from 0 to 10, you can continue to learn the other numbers from 11 to 100. However, as we said, your priority should be the numbers 1-10! Meanwhile, zero (0) is written as zero in English and read as zirou.

English ; Education about this language becomes valuable as it appears in all areas of life. For each person's profession, training field and special interests English must improve his knowledge! At this point, those who start English education are the first to English word they need to develop their vocabulary. Also, common English expression Learning patterns should also be targeted. In addition, as in other languages ​​of the world, there are some subjects that everyone should learn in English. At the top of these issues are numbers!

Learning English Whatever your purpose on behalf of, you should definitely learn the English equivalents of numbers and numbers. Otherwise, you will not be able to move on to the next stage of English education. Numbers; It consists of words that must inevitably be used at every point of daily life. English numbers and their spelling and pronunciation should definitely be learned.

English numbers need to be learned according to a specific plan. Like other languages, English is built on certain principles. English ; it is not a language to be learned in an irregular or arbitrary way. However, after understanding the basic principles of speaking and writing in English, it will be much easier to learn what is left of it. Learning numbers in English It fits this definition very well.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Learning Numbers in English?

English numbers; As we said before, it has a rhythm within itself. In other words, it is regulated in accordance with a certain systematic. That's why you can learn numbers in English much more easily. Learning the numbers It may sound difficult. At this point, you should start by learning the numbers 1 to 10. Learning these numbers will not be very difficult for you. Because we have to express that they are the numbers you are familiar with in school, on TV and in many other places.

English numbers have specific clues. All numbers from 12 to 19 will be easier to learn by adding –teen to the end. At this point, we can say that your job will be easy when learning the numbers in the range we mentioned. Numbers other than 11 and 12 are arranged in accordance with the rule we mentioned. It would be correct to learn the numbers 20, 30, and 40 in multiples of 10.

Learning numbers between 20-30 or 30-40 will be much easier because you will use the number 9 that you have learned before. Learning the numbers after 100 is done within the same logic. First, you have to tell how many faces the number contains. One hundredAfter making determinations such as, two hundred, eight hundred, the rest of the number is 1 to 100. English numbers You must match the part.

Learning numbers in English Highly important! When using everyday colloquial language, when it comes to institutional or formal matters English numbers is encountered with. In addition to this, at school, at work, at home, when ordering food, writing a petition, defining an address and many other places. English number You will need information.

If you do not know the English equivalents of the numbers or you know them incompletely, you will encounter many problems. In fact, many of your jobs will be canceled just for this reason. In this context, you should learn English numbers along with their spelling and pronunciation. Even, Learning the english language you must start with numbers first.

Exercises with Numbers in English

  • There are thirty one people in the sitting room. (There are 31 people in the living room.)
  • Lionel Messi won his sixth Ballon D'Or in 2019. (Lionel Messi won the sixth Ballon D'Or award in 2019.)
  • Six hundred people were left homeless after the landslide. (600 people were left homeless after the landslide.)
  • I asked twenty times to be quiet. (I asked you to be silent 20 times.)
  • He went France for the third time in 2020. (He went to France for the third time in 2020.)

How to Read Decimal Numbers in English?

Reading decimals in English It happens in a different way compared to Turkish. Decimal point While it is read as point, the rest are read as numbers one by one.

  • 5: point five
  • 30: point three
  • 75: point seven five
  • 06: point zero six
  • 95: two point nine five

How to Read Fractional Numbers in English?

Reading fractional numbers in English There are similarities between reading decimals and numbers. The numerator of fractional numbers is read using counting numbers, and the denominator is read using ordinal numbers. In addition, when the numerator is greater than one, the number of orders in the denominator is read in plural. The rule we are talking about applies to all numbers except the number 2. When the number in the denominator is 2, a different rule applies. In such cases, if the numerator is 1 as half, if the numerator is greater than 1 halves read as.

  • 1/3: one third
  • 3/5: three fifths
  • 5/8: five eighths
  • ½: one half
  • 3 / 2: three halves

How to Read Percentages in English?

Reading percentages in English It is extremely easy. In addition, we must say that the percentage reading is extremely important. It is especially used in daily life and business life.

  • 6%: Six percent
  • 30%: Thirty percent
  • 36,25%: Thirty six point two five percent
  • %one hundred: One hundred percent
  • 500%: Five hundred percent

How to Read Money Amount in English?

A different way is followed in reading the amount of money in English. When reading the money amount, first the whole number is read. Then the currency is added to the end. In the case of decimal numbers, it is encountered to read the parts before and after the point separately. Also, if there is the name of the coin in the currency being read, this name must be added to the end. However, the above mentioned reading decimals is different. That's why we have to say that these rules only apply to currencies. We will explain with examples to better understand the subject!

  • $ 30: Thirty dollars
  • 55 Euro: Fifty five euros
  • 150 £: One hundred and fifty pounds
  • 12,66 Euro: Twelve euros sixty six
  • $ 45,35: Forty five dollars and thirty five cents

As a result, you have to work seriously in reading the money amounts.

How to Read Measures in English?

English units of measure It is abbreviated as in Turkish. Besides, we should mention that there is no difficulty in reading the measurements. It is possible to read it as it is read in Turkish.

  • 50m: Fifty meters
  • 30 km / h: Thirty kilometers per hour
  • 12ft: Twelve feet
  • 2tsp: Two teaspoon

How to Read the Years in English?

As in Turkish, the reading of years in English is a bit more complicated than reading normal numbers. In years consisting of a four-digit number, primarily the first two digits are read as an integer. Then we have to state that the next two digits are read as integers. However, in some years this situation cannot be applied.

Especially the first 100 years of a new millennium have to be read as a whole number, even if they are four digits. In addition, it is common to read them as two-digit integers. Millennia, on the other hand, must be read in integers anytime and anywhere. New centuries are read as integers, as you can imagine. In addition, the word thousand is not used. Especially when reading the last thousand years, the use of the word thousand is out of question.

A different method is encountered in reading the three-digit years. It is common to read as three-digit numbers, as well as to be read as a one-digit number followed by two-digit numbers. Two-digit years are read as integers as in the previous examples. Besides, you can use the expression "the year" while reading any year to avoid any confusion. In this way, the meaning of the year can be made more specific. However, the emphasis we have mentioned is only made when reading two or three digit years.

In addition, the years before the year "0" are BC It is read by adding. BC is pronounced "bisi". We can explain how to read the years with examples!

  • 2013: Twenty thirteen or two thousand thirteen
  • 2006: Two thousand six
  • 2000 Two thousand
  • 2020: Two thousand twenty
  • 1500 Fifteen hundred
  • 1850: Eighteen fifty
  • 26 Twenty six
  • 3000 BC: Three thousand BC

Finally, we should talk about how to read zero. Zero usage is found in both British and American English. Nil is an expression mostly used in the results of sports competitions. Nought is an expression that is not used in the USA.

When it comes to the universal language, mind first English income. This situation is by no means coincidental. In fact, we've heard the phrases that the common language of the world is English over and over again. At this point, we can easily say that English is the dominant language in the world. However, everyone wonders how English has become so popular.

English becoming widespread; It is about the process experienced after the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to the internationalization of trade, English has started to gain a place for itself. A global language; it is not the most spoken language in the world. Chinese; it is probably a language spoken by more people. However, it has certainly not succeeded in becoming as important a language as English.

We can say that a language has become global for both economic and political reasons. To follow the developments experienced after the Industrial Revolution Learning English has become mandatory. In addition, the fact that English has been spoken in the media for over 400 years is another factor that makes it important. The establishment of the first international news agency in London is a development that confirms this information.

English number pronunciation spelling

How Did English Become a World Language?

English ; Although it is a language that has dominated the world for a long time nowadays in the 2020s, it has not gained this feature immediately. After the historical developments, we can say that English is a language that has dominated the whole world. English ; Since it is the official language of countries with economic, artistic and scientific power, it was easy to spread all over the world. However, we can still say that there are some factors that make English stand out in global communication.

  • The growth of the British empire
  • The entry of the United States as the dominant state after the loss of power of the British empire
  • Industrial Revolution
  • The emergence and spread of the banking system
  • The expansion of relations between states and the need for a common language for this reason
  • The emergence and proliferation of television and radio broadcasting, especially cinema
  • Noticeable progress in scientific research and academic studies
  • Even though the internet is not yet available to the market, it increases the opportunities for people to access information.

As a result, we can say that the above developments are an important factor in the English language becoming today.

What is the Importance of English in Our Age?

The digital age, the foundations of which were laid in the 1990s; In the 2000s and afterwards, with the 2010s, it started a serious development process and became what it is today. The disappearance of borders; draws attention as the most important development of the digital age. In other words, a person living in Turkey; Despite the difference in time and location, he can communicate with people living on the other side of the world at any time. At this point, we can say that people from different geographies need a common language. English ; It has managed to be the common language of people and institutions for a very long time.

In order to benefit from the facilities offered by the virtual world to us English translations are needed more than ever. Both websites and mobile applications; It uses English as a common language. In addition, e-commerce, which replaces traditional commerce, also uses English. In other words, it becomes imperative that you know English in order to read, understand and benefit from everything you see in the virtual world!

Why English matters When answering the question, it is necessary to talk about practical things for people to understand. Knowledge of English is essential to follow scientific and technological developments. For example, every detail shared about coronavirus, vaccination studies and many more issues; it usually includes foreign resources.

In addition, we can say that people anywhere in the world can speak to the whole world whenever they want. Thanks to the English videos uploaded on YouTube, the number of people who encounter completely different career and education opportunities is not a few! There are also people who speak to thousands of followers by broadcasting live on the internet! Videos and posts; It is spreading at the speed of light, so to speak, on the internet. However, anyone who wants to be heard in the world English must do!

We can explain with a good example how knowing English can destroy borders. Greta Thunberg from Sweden, now 18 years old; In August 2018, he started protests at the point of taking action against climate change. Drawing attention with the school strike for the climate, Thunberg; He has been a climate activist since then. The most important thing that distinguishes Thunberg from other activists is undoubtedly his excellent style. In other words, Thunberg explains what he wants to say with the most correct sentences and tone of voice; it also makes a strong impression with its great English. Thunberg; English If he were a teenager, he probably would never have made his voice heard despite his righteous case!

Uses of English translations also extremely wide! We should say that English translations are used in medicine, technology and many other fields, especially international relations. In addition, especially in the digital world English translations It is used for extremely productive jobs. In particular, it is necessary to mention the influence of English in digital marketing. The existence of digital possibilities is extremely important for big brands to grow and become global! Therefore, the demand for English translation of every company is also increasing. In addition, English translation There are also developments in their services.

Due to the increasing demand for translation, innovations are also being made in translation services. The existence of creative translation services also enables English translations to be shared all over the world. As a result, we can say that English translations are right in the middle of the digital communication world. In addition, artistic activities are closely followed thanks to English translation. In other words, English translation; By adapting to the developing technology possibilities as soon as possible, it finds itself a place in every field.

For all these reasons, we can say that English is of vital importance in our age. In schools, work environments and anywhere you can think of Learning English It ceased to be a necessity and became mandatory.


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