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Turkish-English-French-German Dictionary - Lodos Lugat

Four languages ​​(Turkish-English-French-German) 65 is a free dictionary program with a comprehensive, beautiful interface with a thousand words.

Open the .zip archive and run the SETUP.EXE file (you can run it by double-clicking) to install the dictionary program on your computer.
Follow the installation instructions with the Next and Yes buttons and finish the installation by clicking Finish at the last stage. Now you can start using the Lodos Lugat 2000 dictionary program.

Key Features

Usage does not require a CD.
It finds the words that are searched very quickly.
Keliman automatically understands where he is.
It gives you four dildos.
Give them their synonyms.
New words can be added.
Annotations can be added for each word.
One click comes and goes.
Ready to use at any moment.
Memorize the word.
They test what they memorize.
It is very practical to use.

The AlMancax team wishes success.

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