German Lessons for Beginners

Hello dear friends. There are hundreds of German lessons on our site. We have categorized these lessons upon your request. Especially many of our friends were asking questions such as “which subject should beginners to learn German from”, “in which order should we follow the topics”, “which subjects should we learn first”.

On top of that, we created a list for beginners to learn German. For those who are just starting to learn German, even those who do not speak any German, that is, those who learn German from scratch, carefully review this list.

How should this list be studied? Dear friends, we have listed the following topics by considering the friends who do not speak any German. If you follow this order, you will start learning German from scratch. We recommend you to read the topics in order. Do not skip the line. Study a topic not just once but several times. Make sure that you have learned the subject you are reading well and do not move on to the next topic until you learn it well.

The list below is prepared for those who want to learn German on their own without going to any school or course. Schools or foreign language courses already have a program and course sequence implemented by them. We recommend the following order for beginners to learn German.

German Lessons for Beginners

  1. Introduction to German
  2. German Alphabet
  3. German Days
  4. German Aylar and German Seasons
  5. German Artikeller
  6. Specific Articles in German
  7. German Ambiguous Articles
  8. Properties of German Words
  9. German Personal Pronouns
  10. German Kelimeler
  11. German Numbers
  12. German Watches
  13. German Plural, German Plural Words
  14. German Forms of Name
  15. German Name -i Hali Akkusativ
  16. How and Where to Use German Articles
  17. German Was ist das Question and Ways to Answer
  18. Let's Learn How to Make a German Sentence
  19. German Simple Sentences
  20. Simple Sentence Examples in German
  21. German Question Clauses
  22. German Negative Conjectures
  23. German Multiple Clauses
  24. German Present Time - Prasens
  25. German Present Tense Verb Conjugation
  26. German Present Tense Sentence Setup
  27. German Present Tense Sample Codes
  28. German possessive pronouns
  29. German Colors
  30. German Adjectives and German Adjectives
  31. German Adjectives
  32. German Occupations
  33. German Ordinal Numbers
  34. Introducing Ourselves in German
  35. German Greeting Cues
  36. German Words of Wisdom
  37. German Speech Patterns
  38. German Dating Codes
  39. German Perfekt
  40. German Plusquamperfekt
  41. German Fruit
  42. German Vegetables
  43. German Hobbies

Dear friends, we believe that if you start to study our German lessons in the order we have given above, you will have come a long way in a short time. After studying so many topics, you can now look at other lessons on our site.

For example, you can continue from the category of intermediate and advanced German lessons, or if you want to progress in terms of German speaking, you can proceed from the category of German speech patterns used in daily life, you can look at various dialogue examples.

If you wish, there are also audio and reading German stories on our site. These stories have been specially voiced for beginners to learn German. Reading speed is extremely slow to understand words and we believe that friends who learn German at a certain level will be able to understand many words. Listening to these kinds of audio stories and reading them at the same time while listening to them is extremely beneficial for improving your German.

In addition, there are many categories on our site such as German learning application, German tests, exercises, German audio lessons, video German lessons.

Since there are many different German lessons on our site that we cannot list here, you can continue to learn German from any category after you finish the list above.


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