Applications that make money by watching ads on the Internet and monetization from advertising

We open the file of applications that make money by watching ads, and bomb claims and a great article about applications that make money by watching ads from the internet are waiting for you again. How much money can you earn per month by watching ads? Is it real to earn money by watching ads online? Making money by watching ads is a lie? Who earns money by watching ads? What is advertising monetization, how is it done? The answers to all these questions are contained in this fully prepared article. So let's start.

Have you heard of an app to earn money by watching ads? You must have heard that you came to this page to learn more. Those who use Android or iPhone smartphones have seen many applications that earn advertising money in app stores.

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Now, we will examine in detail these advertising monetization applications that claim to make money by watching ads, and we will see which application will earn how much money per month.

What is an ad monetization app?

The working principle of the monetization application and mobile applications, which are offered under the similar name, is to watch plenty of advertisements and earn you money in return. Such applications show you the ads they receive from the advertising companies and give some of the money they earn from the ads to the users who watch the ads. In short, this is how the system works.

Therefore, users who install watch ads earn money applications on their phones earn money as they watch ads, they earn more money as they watch more ads, the more ads they watch, the more money they earn 🙂 Or they think so. So, what do ad monetization apps give us, how much money do they make per month? We explain it below.

How much money do apps that make money by watching ads make?

We have said that users who install applications that make money by watching advertisements on their mobile phones think that the more they watch advertisements, the more money they will earn, and the more advertisements they watch, the more money they will earn. However, the truth of the matter is not at all. Users install an application that makes money by watching advertisements on their mobile phones, they watch advertisements from morning to night, and the next day they watch advertisements in their spare time.

In the following days, they watch plenty of advertisements and when they see that they earn 0,00001 TL per advertisement they watch in exchange for hundreds of hours wasted and tens of GB of internet quota, they curse the application and remove it from their phones.

The general operation is actually like this. Therefore, it is a completely unrealistic claim that applications that make money by watching advertisements earn 1.000 TL per month and 2.000 TL per month.

In fact, it is possible to earn 1.000 TL or even 5.000 TL per month from the applications to make money by watching ads, and believe me, 10.000 and more money can be earned. Yes, it's definitely winnable. But you know who wins this money? Not users watching ads, of course. The producer, the developer, of the watch ads earn money application wins.

While the developers of applications that make money by watching advertisements earn good money every month, users who spend tens of hours watching advertisements on the phone in the hope of making money, unfortunately, gain nothing but a waste of time and a painful experience.

Can you earn money by watching youtube videos?

The same goes for ways to earn money by watching videos. It is written that you can earn money by watching youtube videos on hundreds of sites on the internet. However, such content is "visitor hunt", that is, click journalism. There is no truth to it. Of course, there are people who make money by watching videos on Youtube. Who are they? Of course, they are the ones who shoot and broadcast the videos. It is not possible to earn money by watching videos or movies.

What is ad monetization?

Can you make money from advertising? Yes it is won. So how? In order to earn money from advertising, you will either be a content producer, a video producer, a video content producer for youtube, or you will build a website or develop a mobile application, and your content will appeal to a certain segment. If you provide all these, you will immediately start earning money from advertising by adding ads to your content.

It is not possible to earn money from ads by using any app or watching ads or watching videos or movies. In such applications, the winner will always be the people who make the application. Users cannot earn money for seeing ads.

Are money making apps fake?

If we lie to all of the mobile applications that make money, we will be telling the real lie. Of course, there are many applications that make money in the android or ios market. We already share the ways to make money and the applications that will really benefit you and make you money on our site.

In addition, we share with you the applications that claim to make money but do not earn anything.

There are many ways to make money online. There are many ways to make money. We created this great site to explain which ways really make money and which ways never make money. Our excellent and carefully prepared articles will guide you in making money.

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App reviews that make money by watching ads

Anyone who has a mind can understand how true the general evaluations we have made above are. Here we present to you some of the comments made about the most downloaded ad watch and money earning apps available in android and ios app stores. See for yourself how many thousand TL a month the applications that make money by watching ads earn 🙂

Waste of time. While there are dozens of applications that are profitable. Relying on a raffle that depends on coincidences feels like a waste of time. Watch all the ads and then hope that the giveaway will be for me.

There is no notification. It is not clear how many ads will be watched to participate in the draw, whether there is a daily or weekly target. There was only one survey, no more. It has too many shortcomings. That's not how it's done. You'll set goals in front of people. Watch 20 ads a day. Become a Standard User. Watch 100 ads daily Become a Gold user. Watch 500 ads per day Become a Platinum User etc.

Terrible app waste of time

We become a member and fulfill the conditions, but the points awarded are deleted. I especially tried, you can't go beyond 5 points. It resets immediately.

When I started using the application, the payment limit was 50 TL. Even though it was difficult to do it in a month, they used the reference system as an excuse and increased it to 100 TL. Our references, who heard this, deleted the application from their phones. If the payment limit is increased, there is an ulterior motive. I hope this error is corrected.

I received my first payment, but the members are not visible and the reference earnings are not reflected correctly, the application needs to be arranged, there is a problem in the system and I would be happy if a response is made.

Constantly renewing points makes you nervous. It was 5 minutes. The time has increased and the points have dropped. I was following it with great pleasure for a while, but I think I will withdraw my last money and leave. It's not worth the spent internet and charging anymore.

I still haven't been able to withdraw money. You can only withdraw money on a certain day. Previously, the withdrawal limit was 50. As that date approached, this limit increased to 100 E. If there is a transaction on that date, I will write it here. If not, I'll let you know. I'm still trying. I just don't understand why the limit has increased? Will the limit increase each month?

Yeah yeah OK. Watch 4000 or more ads until you get 100 points. Earn 4000 TL when you reach 1 points. Waste of time, waste of internet. What is it, sir, sometimes there is no ad on wifi, watch ad on mobile yaw he he

I downloaded the application and I sent a request for money on the 30th of the month, but the money did not come and I commented that I will fix it if the money comes, but again I did not receive the money and your score or something was deleted by mail.

Here, the comments made about the application of making money by watching ads on the phone and similar applications are usually complaints-oriented comments like above. Therefore, it is obvious that making money by watching ads will not contribute to your budget.

If you are a student or a housewife, if you want to earn additional income and earn money, we recommend that you take advantage of some more realistic practices and methods.

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