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Basic German Courses

Basic German lessons for beginners. This category includes German lessons from zero to intermediate level. Some of the lessons in this category are as follows: German alphabet, German numbers, German days, German months, seasons, colors, hobbies, German personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, adjectives, articles, food and drinks, German fruits and vegetables, school-related words and sentences. There are courses such as. The courses in this category, called Basic German lessons, are a great helpful resource, especially for 8th grade students taking German lessons, 9th grade students taking German lessons, and 10th grade students. Our German lessons are carefully prepared by our expert and competent German instructors. We recommend that those who have just started learning German take advantage of the German lessons in this category. After the lessons in the basic German lessons category, you can examine the German lessons in the intermediate - advanced level German lessons category on our website. However, in order to lay a solid foundation in German education, we recommend that you learn the courses in the basic German lessons category thoroughly. German lessons in this category are also ideal for primary and secondary school students studying German. Beautiful, colorful and entertaining visuals are used in the majority of our lessons. In order for young children to follow the lessons, large font sizes are used in the texts on the pictures and throughout the site. In summary, all students from seven to seventy can easily benefit from the German lessons on our website.