German Vocabulary Writing and Learning Game

German Word Games. German word writing and memorization game

In this German vocabulary learning game you will see a word coming down on the screen. You should write this word with your keyboard. You will get points for each correct letter, you will lose points for every incorrect letter. You will learn both vocabulary and typing skills and develop your German vocabulary skills. When you write the correct word, a new, random word will appear on the screen. A passion for learning and fast writing ..

As a team of AlMancax, we hope that this game, which is designed both for your fun and for your learning, is useful.

The java version of this game for mobile phones is also available on our site. To reach our mobile games, you can browse our category called German Games and Applications.
To play on mobile phones, install the jar file you downloaded from our site to your phone.

We also have our Android apps for learning Android and Android based smartphones on our site, and you can also find them in our German Games and Apps category.

To play this game, you must have Java installed on your computer system. Otherwise, you may not see the game screen. To download Java, visit

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