how do you say in german

how do you say in german
Post Date: 11.01.2024

How do you say in German, how do you say in German? Dear student friends, in this article, we will talk about phrases such as how are you, how are you, how are you doing, which is one of the phrases to ask about your state in German. As you can remember from the German speech patterns, the phrase how are you in German can be asked in the following ways.

How are you?

Wie geht es ihnen?

(vi: ge:t es needle)

I'm fine, thank you

Es geht mir gut, danke

(es ge:t mir gu:t, danki)

eh here

Es geht


How's it going?

Wie geht's

(vi ge:ts)

Not bad

Nicht schleht

(niht lust)

How are you in German and possible answers to this question can be shown as above. We wish you success in your German lessons.