Game making programs

Game making programs
Post Date: 12.01.2024

You can design games for computers or develop mobile games if you wish, with free game making programs where you can make your own games. In our article, we will discuss 3d game making programs and basic 2d game making programs.

What is the best game maker for beginners? What are mobile game making programs for mobile phones? How do I make my own game? Can I earn money from my own game? We think that our informative article, where you can find answers to these and various other questions, will be useful for game development enthusiasts.

What are game making programs?

A variety of game development tools are available that allow both novice and experienced game developers to turn their ideas into real video games without much coding. These programs can automatically execute various functions to save developers the need to write code for a few common functions.

First of all, let's give the names of the popular game-making programs that will be useful for everyone from basic to advanced level and that are easily available in the market, then we will consider these game-making programs.

Game maker programs provide a wide range of useful Game Design Tools to make challenging tasks easier and faster. Using these Game Design Tools you can create game physics, character AI, characters, icons, menus, sound effects, help screens, buttons, links to online stores and much more.

Popular game maker programs

  • GDevelop— Documentation, creation and planning tool
  • Construct 3 — 2D game design software for beginners
  • GameMaker Studio 2 — No-code 2D and 3D game design tool
  • RPG Maker — JRPG-style 2D game design software
  • Godot — Free and open source game engine
  • Unity — The most popular game engine among small studios
  • Unreal Engine — AAA game engine with superb visuals
  • ZBrush — All-in-one digital sculpting solution

The most popular game development tools can be counted as above. Some of these game maker programs are very easy to use and suitable for beginner game developers. Some game-making programs, such as Unity, are both large and require some knowledge and experience to use.

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But these game-making programs are nothing to be afraid of. There are game making tutorials available on platforms such as Youtube and Udemy. You can find tutorials for each game development tool and learn to use game making programs.

Game making programs
Game making programs

What can be done with game making programs?

While some of the game making programs only support 2d games, most of them allow you to make 3d games. With a game development program;

  • You can make in-game videos.
  • You can create sounds to be used in-game.
  • You can design characters.
  • You can design a mobile game.
  • You can design games for computers.

Once you learn how to use a game maker and become familiar with the program, you can easily create interactive animations, various three-dimensional characters, sound effects, visual effects, interactive characters, and more.

Many game programs already offer various ready-made characters, ready-made sound effects, ready-made animations and various objects for you to use. These can be offered to you for free and for a fee.

Now let's see the most preferred game development software one by one and examine the pros and cons.

Construct 3 game maker

Construct 3 is a very useful and highly preferred game making program.

Construct 3 is the best free game development software you can use if you haven't written a single line of code in your life.

This game development tool is completely GUI based, meaning everything is drag and drop. Therefore, it is one of the most suitable game development software for beginners. Game logic and variables are implemented using design features provided by game making software.

The beauty of Construct 3 is that it can be exported to dozens of different platforms and formats, and you don't have to change a single thing in your game to accommodate these various options. This function is one of the most useful functions.

Once you're done making your game, you can export it to HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Microsoft Store, and more. In other words, you can make your game work on the computer with one click. You can make it compatible for android phones with one click. Or you can run it in many different environments such as ios, html 5 and so on.

In other words, with Construct 3 you can produce games for many platforms.

However, Construct 3 is currently available for making 2d games.

You can access Construct 3's HTML5-based game-making software directly in your web browser.

Construct 3 is a beginner-friendly game design tool for creating simple 2D games. Its core strength lies in its exceptional ease of use, and if you want to make 2D games in their easiest form, this is one of the best options we have.

Working with Construct 3 does not require any programming language skills or coding knowledge. The tool requires no installation and works directly from your browser and has an offline mode. It also offers lots of tutorials and resources to help you learn how to make games and improve your game design skills.

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One of Construct 3's biggest drawbacks is how limiting the free product is, restricting your access to effects, fonts, overlays, animations, and putting a limit on the number of events you can add to your game.

You'll have to pay Construct to get the most out of its video game software, with prices starting at $120 per year, rising to $178 and $423 per year for Startup and Business licenses, respectively.

If you're looking for free game-making software, Construct 3 doesn't offer as much in its free package as its rivals. But if you're looking for a game engine for beginners, it's a good starting point. You can make games with this program and after you improve yourself, you can try next-level game making programs.

Gamemaker Studio 2 Game making program

GameMaker Studio 2 is another popular no-code game design software that is well-suited for novice game designers, indie developers, and even professionals who are just starting out with game design. It's a great choice as an entry-level game design software, but experienced game designers will also find GameMaker Studio 2's rapid game prototyping capacity adequate.

GameMaker is one of the leading solutions for making 2D games and it's pretty good for 3D games too. It provides a complete approach to game design by providing tools for programming, sound, logic, level design and compilation.

If you're afraid of learning a programming language, you'll also love GameMaker's simple and intuitive visual scripting system. Choose actions and events from their extensive built-in libraries and make the game you want. If you have some programming background, it will come in handy and will allow you to apply more customization.

The free version of GameMaker lets you publish your game on Windows with a watermark, while the paid versions offer full export to Windows, Mac, HTML5, iOS, Android and more. In this way, you can design games for computers as well as for all smartphones.

First released in 1999, GameMaker is one of the longest running standalone game engines available today. Thanks to its longevity, GameMaker benefits from an active game-making community and thousands of in-house and user-created guides and tutorials.

If you still want to make a 3D game, GameMaker is probably not the right choice for you. While you can make 3D games in GameMaker, 2D is where it really excels.


  • Free 30-day trial offers all software features for you to try.
  • You can purchase a 40-month Creator license for $12 to stream games on Windows and Mac.
  • A Perpetual Developer license to publish games on Windows, Mac Ubuntu, Amazon Fire, HTML5, Android and iOS can be purchased for $100.

 RPG Maker — JRPG-style 2D game design software

RPG Maker is another game design software suitable for people with limited coding experience. Like Construct 3 and GameMaker Studio 2, this tool lets you design any game you want without writing a single line of code. The tool's simple drag-and-drop editor lets you create everything from battles and environments to cutscenes and dialogue.

We do not recommend the RPG Maker game making program for beginners. This game making program appeals to a little more intermediate level users. However, novice users can of course try the program.

RPG Maker is specially designed for making classic JRPG style adventure games and has been used successfully for games like Corpse Party and Rakuen. Like most other tools on this list, this engine can be used to stream games across platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.

Pricing:  RPG Maker offers several versions of its evolving software for purchase. It ranges from $25 to $80. All of these versions are available for trial for 30 days.

You can transfer your game made with RPG Maker to Windows, HTML5, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS.

Godot free and open source game engine

Godot , is a great video game engine for anyone just starting out, especially considering it's completely free and open source under the MIT license. There's a bit of a learning curve involved, but Godot is still one of the most beginner-friendly game design tools.

Godot is an excellent choice if you want to design 2D games. It also offers a good 3D engine, but if you are planning to make a complex 3D game, you can opt for Unity or Unreal Engine, which offer better performance.

Since Godot is open source, you can modify and optimize it for your particular project as long as you have sufficient knowledge of C++. Another major strength of Godot is that it runs natively on Linux, unlike other popular game engines like Unity.

The Godot engine also supports the creation of both 2D and 3D games. The 2D aspect of this free game maker was carefully designed from the start; which means better performance, fewer bugs and a cleaner overall workflow.

Scene-based design

Godot's approach to game architecture is unique in that everything is broken down into scenes - but it's probably not the kind of "scene" you might think of. In Godot, a scene is a collection of elements such as characters, sounds, and/or writing.

You can then combine multiple scenes into one larger scene, and then merge those scenes into even larger ones. This hierarchical design approach makes it super easy to stay organized and change individual elements whenever you want.

custom scripting language

Godot uses a drag-and-drop system to preserve scene elements, but you can extend each of these elements via the built-in scripting system, which uses a special Python-like language called GDScript.

It's easy to learn and fun to use, so you should give it a try even if you have no coding experience.

Godot iterates surprisingly fast for a game engine. At least one major release comes out every year, which explains how it has such great features: physics, post-processing, networking, all kinds of built-in editors, live debugging and hot-reloading, source control, and more.

Godot is the only completely free game making software on this list. Since it is licensed under the MIT License, you can use it as you wish and sell the games you make without any restrictions. In this respect, it differs from other game making programs.

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Unity Game Maker is the most popular game maker.

Unity is one of the most used and popular game engines in the world, both in the production of mobile games and in the production of computer games. Especially many of the games you see in the google play store and the apple store store are made with the Unity game making program.

However, the game engine called Unity is not very suitable for beginners. Friends who are new to game design should first try the game making programs that appeal to the beginner level, and after gaining some experience, try to develop games with Unity.

Don't be discouraged by your newcomers to game design, though. There are thousands of tutorial videos about Unity game making program on platforms such as Youtube and udemy, and you can learn how to make games in Unity game engine by watching these tutorial videos.

Unity It is currently one of the most used game design software solutions on the market. Many of the most popular games are built with Unity. It is especially loved by mobile game designers and indie developers.

Unity is extremely powerful and versatile, allowing you to create 4D and 2D games for almost any system, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Oculus Rift, Steam VR, PS3, Wii U, Switch and more. Unlike some of the other tools on this list, Unity requires knowing how to code. If your programming skills are limited, fret not, as we just said, Unity offers a wide variety of tutorials and educational resources for beginners.

Standalone game developers can use Unity and monetize their games for free (as long as your game revenue stays under $100.000 per year), while subscription plans for teams and studios start at $40 per user per month.

GDevelop Game maker

The game making program called GDevelop is one of the programs preferred by game developers. It is open source, has an intuitive and easy to use interface. It offers support for HTML5 and native games, and extensive documentation is easy to access for quick learning. GDevelop also manages to appeal to game developers living all over the world with its multilingual support.

GDevelop, open source free software, allows developers to make games without programming skills. It allows you to create objects for games such as characters, text objects, video objects, and custom shapes.

You can control the behavior of objects by using different tools, such as the physics engine, which allows objects to behave realistically. In addition, the screen editor allows you to edit and create entire levels.

You can use the events feature of this free Software to define reusable functions that can be used as expressions, conditions and actions for games. Other game creation programs do not provide this feature.

Pricing:  Since this is an open source package, there are no fees or charges. The source code is also freely available.

Features:  Game distribution across multiple platforms, Multiple animated Characters, Particle Emitters, Tiled characters, Text objects, Support for custom collision masks, Physics engine, Pathfinding, Platform engine, Draggable objects, Anchor and Tweens.

Broadcast Platform:  GDevelop can make HTML5 games that can be ported to both iOS and Android. It can also create native games for Linux and Windows.

2D game making programs

You can design your 2d game with almost all of the game making programs we have named above. All support 2d game design. However, if you want to design a 2d game, it is more logical to start with a program such as GameMaker instead of a program such as Unity.

If you are new to designing games, you should first start with open source code free game making programs. After a while, you can switch to higher level game making programs.

game making programs
game making programs

Free game maker programs

Many of the game making programs we mentioned above are free up to a certain level, if you are going to make games for more professional work and appeal to a larger audience, then you can buy a paid package.

Game making programs that are open source and published under MIT license are also completely free, and you can offer the games you have developed with such game design programs to android or ios phone users if you wish.

How to earn money by playing games?

You can design games with game making programs such as Unity, GameMaker, GDevelop, Godod, RPG Maker, which we mentioned above. You can publish the game you designed on both the android store and the ios store. If you wish to earn money from your game, you can make the game for a fee and you will receive payment from each downloading user.

However, the more effective way to earn money from games is to make the game free and sell in-game items. For example, you can turn it into money by selling a number of additional features such as various diamonds, gold, leveling opportunities. You can also earn money from the ads you serve by serving ads between games, for example after each level.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that developing a game is a bit of a team job, it can be a little troublesome to develop and use a good game on your own and earn money from it. However, if you have a good team, you can also make money by designing games.