German solitude Modal Actual A1 Exam Preparation Course

In this lesson we will look at the German verb, the Secondary verb. You need to learn the correct use of the left-hand auxiliary verb, a very important topic for the A1 exam.


We are confronted with a topic that will be used in the German A1 family integration examination.
By learning how to use the German solitude modal you will be contributing to your A1 exam preparation.
Not only the A1 exam, but also the German KPSS, KPDS, UDS exam are also important for the exam.
So if you are preparing for the A1 exam, and if you are working for exams such as KPSS, KPDS, UDS, then it is absolutely necessary to learn them thoroughly.
It is not only a solitary issue, but also the entirety of the modalities such as durfen, müssen, and others we have previously featured on our site, and their particular meaning, being allowed, able to be able, capable, etc. you need to thoroughly learn and confuse it.
Let's write our examples of the use of German left-over modalities:

soll ich machen? (soll ih mahen) => Do I?
soll ich gehen? (left ihhnhn) => do you go?
Sollt ihr jetzt auch aufräumen? (sollt iha yetz auh aufroymin) => do you have to collect now?

Now let's watch the video of the lesson about the German left-over.
We wish you luck.

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