German Personal Pronouns

In this lesson, we will examine the subject of German personal pronouns. German I you you he and we you they...

German Self-Introduction Codes

In this lesson, we will give information about introducing yourself in German and giving information about ourselves in German.

German Numbers

In this lesson on German numbers, we will show German numbers from 1 to 100 and their pronunciation....

German Tests

The questions in the German Subject Tests section of the German Education Center of almancax are answered in the almancax classroom.

German Kelimeler

In our topic titled German Words, daily speech patterns that are frequently used in daily life in German,…

German Occupations

In this lesson, we will learn German professions, dear students. What is the difference between German occupations and Turkish occupations?

German Days

In this article, we will give information about German days, the pronunciation of German days and their Turkish version. German of the week...

German Hobbies

In this lesson titled our hobbies in German, we learn how to say our hobbies in German to someone in front of us in German.