Phone Calls in German

Dear friends, the subject we will explain in this lesson is the main Phone Calls in German it will be. When you have to use German as a language in phone calls, which have a very important place in daily life and business life, it is possible to access information that you can complete your call without difficulty. Also, at the end of this lesson, you will be able to stay in German and have the knowledge of telephone conversation sentences, asking for a phone number and noting the phone number said.

In this first part of our lesson How to Ask for a German Phone Number? You can find information about how the question should be directed and how the answer should be given. Below are a few question patterns that are similar in meaning to asking the phone number in German and how to answer them in return.

Wie ist deine Telephonenummer? / What is your phone number?

Wie ist deine Festnetznummer? / What is your landline phone number?

Wie ist deine Handynummer? / What is your mobile phone number?

There is only one answer that can be given in response to these questions, which is as follows;

Meine Telefonnummer ist 1234/567 89 10./ My phone number is 1 2 3 4/5 6 7 8 9 1 0.

When pronouncing telephone numbers in German, reading and taking notes, they are spoken one by one, just like in English. If the number spoken is not understood and you want it to be repeated, contact the other person. Würdest du es bitte wiederholen?/ Could you please repeat? You can direct the question. In the continuing part of our lesson, we will include a telephone conversation that can be an example for you.

Stereotyped Phone Call Example in German

A: Guten Tag. Könnte ich bitte mit Herr Adel sprechen?

Have a nice day. Can I talk to Mr Adel?

B: Guten Tag! Bleiben Sie bitte am Apparat, Sie in Ich verb.

Have a nice day! Please stay on the line.

A: Danke


B: Es tut mir leid, private istbesetzt. Können Sie später nochmal anrufen?

Sorry busy. Can you call back later?

A: Ich verstehe. Können Sie ihmeine Nachricht hinterlassen?

I understand. So can I leave a message?

B: Yes, naturelich.

Yes of course

 A: Ich möchte nächsten Monat einen Termin mit ihm since.

I want to make an appointment with him next month.

B: Wirdgemacht! Wir werden unseren Kalender überprüfen and zu Ihnen zurückkommen.

All right. We will check our agenda and get back to you.

A: Guten Tag / Have a nice day

B: Guten Tag auch für Sie, Sir. / Good day to you too, sir.


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