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German Negative Conjectures

In this lesson, we will see negative sentences in German. So for example "das ist ein Kind"(this is a kidnegative "This is not a child" we will tell you how to get the types of sentences.

Of course, you need to know how to construct positive sentences in order to understand this subject. In our previous lesson, we explained how to make positive sentences in German.

You also need to know the topic of German articles. In our first lessons, we talked about German articles. But if those who have difficulty remembering look at the issue of articles and negative-indeterminate articles before starting this subject, they will not have any difficulty here. Because we will make use of the information we provide in that section here.

Readers who have studied our previous lessons know that the negatives of ein / eine articles are kein and keine articles, and they add "not" meaning to the sentence. That is, in negative sentences, instead of ein eine, the "kein / keine" articles, which are their negatives, will be used.

Sample :

This is a Kind (this is a child)

This is no Kind (this is not a child)

This is a cat (this is a cat)

This is none cat (this is not a cat)

This is a Radio (this is a radio)

This is no Radio (this is not a radio)

We can also make negative sentences using multiple objects. But here we will pay attention again. Again, our old knowledge will lead us.
It will show. You know, with plural names, every single "die" is articulated.
In order to make these names adverse, every single "keine" will be used.

So we say that while the plural object uses the cues as negative,
"Keine" is used, kein is not used.

Das sind Kinder (these are children)

Das sind keine Kinder (these are not children)

Das sind Hauser (these are houses)

Das sind keine Hauser (these are not houses)

Das sind Katzen (these are cattle)

Das sind keine Katzen (these are not cats)

You can practice by replicating the samples.
You can write your questions and opinions about our German lessons in the AlMaxX forums or in the comments section below. All your questions will be answered by the AlMancax instructors.
Good work..

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The almancax team wishes success ...


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