Documents Required to Receive the German Student Visa

How to get a German student visa? What are the documents required to obtain a student visa? We recommend that you read this article, which contains important advice for those who will apply for a German student visa.

There are some points to consider before applying for a visa to study at a university in Germany. Consular officers evaluate candidates applying for a visa based on several different criteria. One of the most important of these is whether you are a suitable candidate.

Consular officials will tell you; Your knowledge of German, your financial sufficiency, your age, your year of graduation and how conscious you are and they decide whether to take the student visa. Before the visa application Meeting with a university in Germany and receiving preliminary acceptance it will give you a great advantage in getting a student visa.

Documents Required for the German Student Visa

Below are the documents that are required to obtain a German student visa. Although these documents are the documents announced by the consulate, other documents may have been added to them at the time you read this article or the consulate may request other documents from the following documents. Please contact the consulates for the most up-to-date information.

Fully filled visa application form and residence permit 55. Additional documents required according to Article
A passport valid for at least 1 years and with sufficient pages
Photocopy of passport required pages
Two white-funded biometric photos taken in last 6 months
Acceptance certificate from school: The number of hours per week you will see and include the start and end dates of the course.
For example the population Register
Military student demobilization or deportation document for male students
If you are currently enrolled in a student's education program and a student's education permit (or a document showing that you have suspended your education)
Photocopy of diploma from last school graduated
Evidence that you can cover school fees and living expenses:
* If you and / or your family are working, payroll for the last 3 month, document that you are on leave from work for the duration of the training,
* If you and / or your family own your own establishment: establishment journal, trade registry, tax stamp, signature circulars
* You and / or family bankbooks (This amount should cover 643 Euro living expenses per month)
* Tapular, vehicle licenses
If the costs are covered by the mother or father, a signed sponsorship letter should be placed.
Certificates from previous German courses
Booking round-trip airfare.
30.000 Euro comprehensive Schengen travel health insurance.

Note: Be sure to check with the consulates to see if the above documents are up-to-date.

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