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How to apply for a German student visa?

In this article, we will give some information about how to get a German student visa for those who want to go to Germany as a student. By the way, it should be reminded that in addition to the information contained in this article, other information and documents may be requested, also visit the German consulate page.

Regardless of the reason for travel, the application form must first be filled in for Germany travel visas. It is required to use black pen and fill all the blanks with capital letters while filling the application form. The prepared Germany visa application form is sent to the application center together with the travel person and other documents to be requested according to the reason.

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The visa required for Germany is one of the visas required for the Schengen countries, and due to the fingerprint application issued in 2014, people must also go when applying. Since we want to give information about the visa application details that students want to receive in our article, we will give you what you need to know under the title of Student Visa Application for Germany.

Germany Visit Visa Documents for Students

The documents required for those who want to go to Germany with a student visa include passport, application form and bank account statement. Below you can find detailed information for each title.


  • Passport validity must continue for at least 3 months after the visa is accepted.
  • It should not be forgotten that the passport you have must not exceed 10 years and at least 2 pages must be blank.
  • If you are going to apply for a new passport, you are required to take your old passports with you. In addition, for a student visa application for Germany, a picture page of your passport and a photocopy of the visas you have received in the last 3 years are required.

Application Form

  • The requested form should be filled in by paying attention to the details mentioned above.
  • Attention is paid to the correct address and contact information.
  • If the student applying for a visa is under the age of 18, his / her parents must fill in and sign the form together.
  • Along with the application form, 2 35 × 45 mm biometric photographs are requested.

Bank account statement

  • The applicant must have bank account information on his behalf and there must be money in the account.
  • A student certificate with a wet signature is required by the school.
  • For each person under the age of 18, a consent name is requested from the mother and father during the application.
  • Again, for those under the age of 18, documents determined according to their parents' occupation group are requested, as the expenses will be covered by their parents.
  • Signature samples of parents are taken.
  • The person who will receive the visa must provide a copy of the identity card, the copy of the birth certificate, the travel health insurance.
  • If you are going to stay at the hotel, the reservation information is required, if you are staying with a relative, an invitation letter is required.

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